Sunday, August 4, 2013

Ready or it comes!

Ready or not...tomorrow is my first day! There are still several things in my classroom that I feel aren't ready but regardless... it's coming!

We had Meet and Greet/Open House/Orientation...whatever...last Thursday and I got to meet all but 3 of my kiddos...I have another good looking group! I took their pics in the photobooth with a mustache for my Question of the Day board and managed to snap a family photo and pic with student and Mom to use later in the year for Mother's Day.Here's the goody bag they got at Open House...I was excited to be able to use the UP2U gum.
 This is a pic of what their desks looked like: Books, Agenda, goody bag, and C.I.R.C.U.S. binder.
 I was super concerned about those bags toppling over as my car has been loaded down for the past 3 weeks but managed a pose...

They all took pics here...
 I also mailed postcards to all of my students on Friday morning! Hopefully they all got them Saturday!

I'm getting the First Day Jitters ;) and still have a lot to do so adios hippos!