Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Trials on Tuesday

 Today we went on a field trip to the court house. We spent about 3 hours lisenting to probation revocations and then we got to see part of one burglary hearing! It was SOOOOO neat...for me...the kids were pretty exhausted and we even had one fall asleep and get caught by the really serious balif (sp?) police officer who proceeded to announce "maam, you need to stay awake, this is court." He also randomly said "HOLD IT DOWN. This is court" to get them quiet. Seriously, no smiles. He was good at what he did!
So...they enjoyed some of it, but a lot of it was over their head (because it was mine too!) but a great experience... especially considering that when I was little I always said I wanted to be a Judge AND I love me some Judge Judy and Judge Joe Brown!
The Judge is our principal's husband so he was willing to come down to talk and answer questions during his short15 minute break...one asked "why do people break the law?" He first responded with "I wish I could answer that" and then said "I do know...most people break the law because they are selfish"
I thought TRUE DAT!
Notice the officer in the front left hand corner :) 
Oh, and I do have a funny...one of the dad's from our school ended up showing up at the courthouse to attend the field trip with his son. One of my sweet girls looked at me with him right beside me and said, "Mrs. Stewart, is that your husband?" while pointing at him...it. was. awkward. I just said no sweetie, that's __________'s dad. I know my face must have turned red...it was just kinda awkward for a minute.

So...because I was gone all day on a field trip and have nothing to grade today...it's the perfect day to grade our research papers right?! I've only had them sitting around for a week now... NOPE. Definitely not. I've graded 3 but I can't handle more than that today! Just from the first 3 I've graded, I can tell you that we are REALLY good at coming up with our own titles...."Bold for the Bible", "Assassinated for Awesomeness", and "Imprisoned by Persecutors" are really powerful titles...so yay for titles!!!...but, I can also tell you that we (and when I say WE...I mean me too!) are REALLY bad at comma usuage. I already know that next year, I will definitely review commas before writing our research papers!
3 down...14 more to go! 

Happy Tuesday Friends! It's been a good day for trials!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Clouds, Careers, and Consolidated Gold Mines!

 We finished last week up with some cloud flip book action. It was very thrown together on my part, but I have had an exhausting week. I'm honestly not sure why but FATIGUE has been a constant friend of mine as of late. I'm really hoping to gander up some energy over the rest of this weekend!

 We also had Career Day on Thursday. Since this is my first year at this school, I had to remind myself that every school does things differently. I'm use to asking a couple of parents to come in and speak to the class for about 15 minutes each, or having the kiddos dress up,  but instead we had a 2 and a half hour program with 15 minute rotations. It worked because we weren't sitting in any one place for that long, but it sure made for a short day in the classroom! and my kiddos weren't too happy about missing their specials but we all got over it and enjoyed listening to a news-reporter, surgeon's assistant, retired army something, a couple of banking career people and the ATF. He was by far our favorite and we could have listened to him probably the whole time. He leg and hand cuffed one of my most outgoing and talkative kiddos! He loved the attention!

 I was planning a writing assignment on what they wanted to be when they grew up but lack of time sure quickly cut that one out. We did "chit-chat" for about 5 minutes at the end of the day and shared what they thought they wanted to be when they grew up...I'm expecting really big answers because I have 5th grade....and surprisingly more than half of my kiddos said working at Chick-fil-a. Now, I love Chick-fil-a, but I was kinda hoping to hear them dream bigger! I did have a couple of doctors, a movie maker, and one maybe teacher wannabe. 

Today, some of our church Vacation Bible School workers went to the consolidated gold mine in Dahlonega to give us some ideas for our "Treasure Mine" theme this year. It was so....neat! My favorite part by far was the actual tour of the consolidated mine! I sang "I'm proud to be a coal miner's daughter quite a few times" and we saw bats, wore hard hats, and then panned for gold and gemstones afterwards!

Michael and I are on the left and the guy on the right is Doc.He was our tour guide and did a great job! Unfortunately, I didn't get a lot of his humor. For those who know me well, you will find this hilarious...he said "There always seems to be one in each group that holds up an invisible sign saying...GULLIBLE!" 

 My bucket sharing partner, Dan, is racking them up to the left while I spend  my time making pics!
 I ended up buying some schtuff from the gift shop...I'm a sucker for anything that I can display or use more than once in my classroom. I bought a petrified wood fossil sample, some "Dino poop" aka petrified animal dung or a trace fossil, and some fools gold. I bought a small book on Minerals in the Bible and yes, I spent $15 dollars on a pink hard hat. To justify that purchase, I WILL wear it everyday of VBS, I can use it as an incentive in my class when teaching rocks and minerals, and and and ONE day my own kiddos can wear it to play in!
Justified purchases.
It was a really cool place and would definitely make an awesome field trip. They said they get a lot of 3rd and 8th graders.

The best part about the trip to Dahlonega....the outlet malls...and yes, this happened too... Vera had a sale and I love this print, so I bought a new bag!  It's the match to my Ipad case so now I kinda have a set. I also bought a soap dispenser from Kirklands and really wanted to stay longer and shop at The Loft's outlet store because they had some adorable clothes and all 40% off! but...I didn't....everyone was ready to go and tired...and I didn't need to drop anymore cash today.

Notice the pens in front of my bag....strangest thing...they were inside my bag...like someone had bought it and taken it back. Only, it doesn't look used at all! and they were the only thing inside of it! Strange.

I'm pooped so happy weekend!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

For your Sharpie 411!

We read the Lorax today and compared many of his problems to the problems that we face today with our earth...smog, gluppity gloop, and deforestation. We then wrote shape poems using green and blue to shape the earth...it was challenging. The great thing about Jessica Zanini's poetry unit is that you can adapt it however you need to! We will definitely be adding this to our poetry portfolio.

 Don't you just love my definiton of Earth day?! A day of global unity set aside to encourage everyone to do their part by keeping God's green earth clean.

 We also worked to get as much of our research paper finished....it is due tomorrow and I dread the thought of grading that many...at least they're all on the same topic. It was really quiet during this time today and I really did love seeing my kiddos working so diligently and getting up to look through the dictionary for how to spell words!

 Most importantly....I RUINED my favorite pair of kacki?! (I never spell that word right!) capris with those atmosphere balloons that we did! Unbeknowst to me, sharpie wipes right off of balloons?! Who knew. I didn't. So for everyone's Sharpie 411...it isn't permanent when it comes to balloons!  Apparently when I picked a shriveled one up off the floor today....this happened. Only I didn't realize it had happened. I tried using those clorox wipes...the only thing I had...but I don't think it's going to come off. :(  BOO.

Here is our dear sweet janitor, Mr. Robert. He is the best janitor I have ever met and does his job whole heartedly!  He is always helping me and bailing me out....
He took the balloons off my hands because I didn't want it getting all over my kiddos nice uniform pants either!
He is remarkable! 
I'm surprised he didn't float away!

Still not enough time in our class...26 and sadly countly...

Shoulda looked First!

 We will be celebrating Earth Day tomorrow with the Lorax! I changed out the door to get my babies excited tomorrow when they walk in the door! It it totally pinterest inspired. I made the Truffala trees a couple of years ago and they've held up for now 3 years...it was exciting to seem some of the afterschoolers walk by and see them laying in the hallway floor and say..."Are those Lorax trees?!" They definitely are and I'm sure if they looked closely enough they'd  find some spiders nesting in them...kidding. only kidding. I shook them out pretty good.
But really maybe.
Not too bad of an outcome...I really think his stache would look better if it was wider but....
it. is. what. it. is.

He seriously needs a wider stache!

 I also stopped by Goodwill today...it's been a while and 14 dollars later I came out with 3 Seuss stuffed animals and 9 books. My cousin was with me and she said..."...you do know you teach fifth grade, right???"
She Did.
Yes, I know that I teach first grade BUT some of them still like stuffed animals...and I REALLY DO!!! That is what counts because it's MY room. I will definitely use these next year to sit on bookshelves in March and who knows...I may not always teach fifth grade and ONE futuristicy day my personal babies will love the Wocket from my childhood favorite Seuss book, the Oh Say Can you Say bird which...uh, that's all fifth gradey tongue twistery....and I think the other guy is the Hop on Pop one....but I'm not real sure. They will love them. Just like I do.
I also snagged a book on Poetry, 3 sciency books on minerals, the earth, and dino's, a Junie B. book, Dr. Seuss' Happy Birthday to You, The Wizard of Oz and Otherwise Known as Shelia the Great (you can't ever have too many copies of the last two)

Needless to say, 14 dollas latta, I'm still a happy gal!

I failed epically as a teacher today...
And I could kick myself in the bootay for it!
One of my dear sweet students couldn't find his journal last week while we were working on our research paper...he looked in his desk and bookbag but still couldn't find it. I told him to check at home and first thing this morning he told me he couldn't find it anywhere at home.
Almost everywhere. I mean 3 drafts into this paper and he couldn't find it....STRESS.
 I had everyone take their schtuff out of their desks and check their bookbags to make sure they didn't have it....no luck SO...we prayed for that sucka to show up by the end of the day.
No luck.
Right before 4 I was trying to get everything together and thought...you need to check everyone's desks for that journal before you leave.
I should have acted right then but I forgot. I got busy. 
Come 4:00 he and his dad show up to look for it and what do you know....
I walk over with him to his desk and THERE it is. In his desk. Not even hidden or shoved into anything.
He was so...mad at himself.
BUT I was even MADDER....why had I not already looked!!! GIR.

He's an exceptionally responsible kid, so I just thought...there's no way it is in there...but oh my soul....I was so mad at myself!

I shoulda looked first. My nanny use to be the one to always say..."I bet if I come look I'll find it..." and sure enough she did.
Epic Fail. 
Ever have those?! What are your Earth Day plans tomorrow?!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful Easter Sunday, both at church and with family!
We started the day out at Dunkin' Donuts...and oh my soul...they had Easter donuts so I was ecstatic and happy, probably the happiest customer they have had all day....squealy happy.  We bought a dozen for our Sunday School class this morning!
Happiness is a box of donuts from DD!

They were a little excited too...only not as excited as me! We also gave out Easter eggs this morning when the teens answered questions about the lesson...teenagers these days just think they're wayyyy too cray and cool to participate in SS....so whatever works! I was always the one teachers had to ignore because I asked too many questions! One of the eggs they got was empty to represent the empty tomb and that one was the prize egg...they got a box of the mini Cadbury cream eggs for their prize...my hubs most favorite candy ever...(all that thick and gooey cream...yuckie!)

Okay...he was faking the excitement a bit but he was the first and last to eat the donuts! Early bird gets the worm!

Every other Sunday we go to an assisted living center from 2:00-3:00 and have a church service with them. Usually these Sundays are a blur but definitely worth blurring through. We always try to grab something quick to eat after the am services....we attempted 2 quickie restaurants (that were not McDonalds!)  in the area but they were closed for Easter (surprising..but good for them!) We ended up at The Flying Biscuit. It was yummy but definitely a sit down, chillaxin' all cool type place...no rush...and not even when we asked if we could order and get served within 45 minutes....but, it's all good....we scarfed down our food and made it to the nursing home a couple of minutes late. We will definitely be going back for Sunday lunches and trying other stuff...the shrimp and grits were yummo!!! But the "biscuit" they are named for was not my fave!

Always excited to try a new place!

Our fancy schmancy Easter lunch with friends! Irma, Dan, Caleb, Michael, and Me :)
And here are the yummies that we gave to the sweet residents we minister to...that's right...Reese's peanut butter eggs...my favorite Easter candy!

We ended the day with my inlaws celebrating Easter with family. A lot of driving but definitely a special day! It was the first time we haven't matched on Easter Sunday but.....our love is matchless just like that of precious risen Saviour!

From us to you...Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Thursday Thwarted and Good Friday Lunch Date!

Hey Yall! This past Thursday was a blur for us...with being out for Good Friday on Friday, we had a lot of testing to do and on the busiest day of the week with a "Water Safety" program added into our day so I tried...I really tried...to double up on some curriculum....we've missed so much this year... but my big babies were just so dang tired and excited that they weren't getting it!
I finally just said STOP and talked to them
...look chilren' I can tell you ain't following & look chilren' Mrs. Stew ain't cool with you jes sittin' dur not gettin' anything...let's just STOP and determine to give our best with this next week.
Yes, I used that crazy lil' accent. That is me.

Then because I was stressed thinking how terribly behind we were and how we need to keep on reading but knowing that to keep on reading meant that I would have to forfeit our poetry lesson and Read Aloud time, I had them quote my new metal sign to me:


Ever have those moments?! I mean what's the point in reading about air pressure and local winds if they just aren't following you. Because they weren't and it was obvious and really part of the problem was probably me...because I really didn't want to be reading that boring 'ole stuff anyway...so what did we do..or I do...I kept calm and taught on...
With Poetry.
Shape Poetry!
 They all had to complete one on the Cross and what it meant to them and then they could do another one on whatever they imagined up!
And I had some creative and beautiful poems:

"What the Cross Means to Me" Shape Poems
Some of their words were phenomenal. I love how poetry brings out their passions. The top left one actually teared me up when I read it. It says "The cross was a hard part of my life, but Jesus took it like a knife. When it happened, I seemed to be sad, but when it happened Jesus seemed to not be mad. God had to look away and Jesus had to say God please forgive them of their sin and help them to be nice to their kinn. I will come up and return one day. And to me, He saved the day."
The bottom center one's last words say "God sent His one and only Son to die for everyone's sins no matter who they are or how bad their sins are, so we can all go to Heaven."
And the top left one just got super artsy and I loved it. She also made everything rhyme and didn't let the landscape format limit her. She simply turned it vertically and went to writing!

Below are some of the Shape poems they created. They all did such a great job...these "Wowed" me as The Wow Poem says..."Everyone has something that makes them say wow!"

The Face Poem and The Wow Poem
Lightning and Jesus

I love poetry and....
I love lunch dates with my first grade niece!
Since I was out on Friday and she wasn't I thought I'd surprise her by taking her lunch. We had Chick-fil-a and she couldn't believe I came to eat lunch with her. She really really wanted to sit at the "round tables" but they were all full so we sat with her class and she made me pinky promise that I'd come back so we could sit at the round tables together. (a very special treat when you have visitors!)

Ironically, the principal was my assistant principal in high school and he remembered me...it's not yet been 10 years people!
I was super impressed with the school's outward appearance. There were a ton of cute hallway displays with encouraging state test themes...her room was pretty blah. Her teacher is preggers for one and she came in as a new teacher in December so I guess she had some pretty darn good excuses. My sweet Gracie Girl is a talker and boy does she get in trouble. Her desk was all by its lonesome and facing the wall, but she didn't seem to mind. I ended up checking her out early because the teacher said they weren't really doing anything necessary...they had an egg hunt planned but the rain thwarted those plans!
We definitely made memories and I will do it again someday! Oh, and I couldn't not take a pic of the school lunches the kids were eating...does the taco look like a taco or a piece of the napkin?! Gotta love school lunches! It was the best school lunch ever!

I love the Junie B. painting and she is a Junie B. so I made her pose for me! 

Happy Easter and remember it's more about the Lamb, and less about the bunny!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Atmospheric Awesomeness!

Today was the big day that I've been nervous about since our week of pre-planning back in August...it was my day to give the teacher devotional during our Wednesday facutly and staff chapel. I don't know what it is about speaking in front of adults, but it is definitely a fear of mine! You'd think being in front of my students all the time, I'd be able to naturally wing it...uh no. It doesn't work that way, not for me anyway! I had been mulling, worrying, and praying over what to share with a room full of my successful, spiritual, and educated co-workers most of the year. A couple of weeks ago I had a nasty experience with someone being all up in my grill you know...and well...the Lord used that situation to help me come up with my devo...The Bible does say..." In everything give thanks..."
  The devo may not seem like a big deal to a lot of you, but to me it was like my life was dependent upon conquering this. Half of the people in there I've seen before but couldn't even tell you their names. I had butterflies all night and rehearsed out loud like 5 times no joke! My hubby decided it'd be a good idea to zone into a video game for a while, but I found him laughing, interjecting, and corrrecting me more than he'd like to admit! I felt really good about it come this morning. Yesterday's post included a little about what I shared!
 Fortunately, for me...it's over...whew! Glad to have that behind me! 

Today we reviewed the Layers of the Atmosphere. Something new to me...if I learned about these in school, then I definitely was writing notes to my BFF's or doodling my boyfriend's name! I was that girl.
Shocking news for some of you, but I had NEVER heard about these...yesterday as we were reading in our text books together, I found myself super confused so I found an idea on Pinterest where a homeschool mom took a ballon and her kids used dry erase markers to do this. Ain't nobody got time for that...so we blew up balloons and used some standard black sharpies and added our own twist! 

 I think they had the most fun blowing up the balloons....although I had 3 girls who just didn't have enough hot air in them and couldn't do it! I've always wanted to do the "How to Blow up a Balloon" writing, so I may have to do it now! While everyone else was working on a review worksheet, I had 6 at a time come up and work on these.

This quality is terrible...I had a really clear pic but I had a "photobomb" in it! 

Some are hiding...but here they are with their finished project!  
This atmospheric awesomeness ended their day with a whole different shade of happy, and I definitely learned something new! I feels so smart now!

We were crazy busy today and unfortunately didn't manage to get in our Shape Poetry lesson :( Tomorrow is another crazy busy day with a water safety program, and 3 specials...and we won't be in school on Friday...bittersweet :) We have so much to learn and so little time! 

I also have some more you will be "green with envy" posting to do...
This morning, when I was relieved from that devotion, I walked into my classroom and on one of my student's desks is this adorable BIG TOP cupcake cake. I thought to myself, great someone had a birthday and I forgot...no card on their desk...no balloon from me to them...so I didn't want her to think I forgot and when she walked in I said "Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!"
She begins laughing and says "Mrs. Stewart...that's for you, it's not my birthday!" 

You can imagine my surprise...how sweet right...and literally! My birthday was over spring break and I never expect them to remember...but she did...and was celebrating with a belated adorable birthday cake....

But wait...there's more....
I delightedly get over to my desk and see all this....
I. couldn't. believe. it. 
How thoughtful right...
Two gift bags, a wrapped gift, an apple, chocolate bars, and a diet mountain dew!!!

If you're anything like me, you love wrapped presents so I couldn't wait to open them up....

A mustached mason jar cup with a red and white striped straw, a teacher sign with an apple and a tiny mustache inside...perfect combination, to the far right is a beautiful apothecary style jar (that I love), an apple (it was good!), mustache sticky notes and vintage tape, a card with 2 movie passes, etc...

Some of this was from my two fifth grade team members too! Is it safe to say that I have the best class and team ever?! Because I do...they are incredibly thoughtful and like this all the time, not just on birthdays...I also have a really great room-mom...and that can make all the difference in the world! I am not ready to move these kiddos on...seriously the last two years, I have had the "World's Greatest Students"...it could be that the last two years, I've had a circus classroom theme?! I think not....it is the Lord blessing me! This belated surprise came on the perfect day considering that I was running on 4 hours of sleep if that!

Here's a pic with my new sign up..I couldn't wait to see it up and shining! 

"I have been blessed...God is so good to me,
Precious are His thoughts of you and me.
No way I could count them,
There's not enough time.

So I'll just thank Him for being so kind!
God has been good...sooooo good! 
I have been blessed!"

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Devo Butterflies!

Oh my soul, yall...these first two days back so far have super productive and HAPPY days!
(Insert 3 song lyrics...."Because I'm Happpyyyy....") 
The students seem happy, I'm happy, we all seem happy...it could be that the countdown has started!
 31 days :) 
 I know I'm  thankful I spent Friday and Saturday planning and getting some enthusiasm back. Of course, I have not wanted to get up any this week and have quoted Shel Silverstein's 
"I cannot go to school today said little Peggy Ann McKay, I have the measles and the mumps a gash a rash and purple bumps..." from "Sick" every day this week! Seriously though.

 I'm all about themes and better late than never so here's my small little Easter corner.The basket is full of that grass that I always intend to save but end of throwing away and on top of it are 17 plastic eggs. Each egg has one of my student's names in it. Randomly, throughout the day, but especially during transition time, I'll say in my best announcer voice..."And the EGG-cellent student is..." I pick an egg at random and if the student is on task, then they get to pick a class coupon. If they are not on task, I just say unfortunately this student isn't on task and put the egg back in the basket never announcing who it was. It really gets them quiet for a while and I *think* it's working! I've used plastic eggs and a basket for incentives before. Challenging them with "how many eggs can the class earn" instead of the marble or brownie point ideas.... but I really liked the idea of this more when I read about it from What the Teacher Wants this weekend. She has some great ideas for prizes and I think there is a freebie to go along with it! My kids love our class coupons...especially the "No Homework" coupons so I just thought I'd use those! I also displayed an Easter subway art print (that I also have on display in my home)....I have it pinned on my "Easter" pinboard, but can't remember where I downloaded this from :( Sorry! I absolutely love this print! There aren't many that are much more about the Lamb and less about the bunny, if you know what I mean. I also plan to discuss the Resurrection Eggs. I've used them at church and in my classroom for the last 5 years. If you've never seen these before, please visit Ashley Reed's TPT store! Again, more about the Lamb and less about the bunny!
I also have a Target sign dollar spot sign "Everyone needs a friend who is all ears" :) So...true! I'm a terrible listener, but very thankful for a hubby and some great friends that are really all ears when I need them!

Overlook the class rules sign, that was so beginning of the year and needs to be relocated!

 We've been doing a lot of poetry this week and I've been using Jessica Zannini's 4th-5th Poetry Unit...this unit is worth every penny it is priced at and I can vouch for that! It is the largest unit ever and absolutely EVERYTHING you need to be successful teaching poetry: reviews, comp questions, EQ's, standards, examples,an entire portfolio!, an invitation for 'rents as publishing,  etc... She has other grades for sale too! I am in poetry love and very thankful for this resource! We've compared and contrasted poems, written acrostics, and we worked on bio poems today! Here is an exceptionally creative name acrostic poem: 

Can you figure out the author's purpose?!Ah...LOVE IT!
 We wrote several different types of acrostics together using continuous statements or some just using adjectives or words and this one was really impressive with a tone and  purpose! I can't wait to show more from our fabulous poetry portfolio's!

 We've also been working super hard on our Research Paper....dun dun dun....we have written our outlines and our first drafts. To say "It's not my favorite thing" is an understatement.

Lining up points was a challenging task when handwriting our outlines!

Tomorrow I give a devotional in front of *all* of our school's teachers, some of the office staff, and some administration!!! Probably 50 plus people...not a big deal for some of you presenters but a gianormous deal for little 'ole me! We are preschool-12th and have a lot of teachers!
I'm really nervous and have a lot of preparing that I need to be doing...below is my 3 word topic:  
I'll be emphasizing John 21 and then concluding with 3 more words: 

Planning on giving these away for others to post in their class if wanted! 

 Ah...I have butterflies already and am sure I'll be up all night. Pray for me!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Back to the Daily Grind

It's back to the daily grind for me tomorrow! After a stress free, well almost stress free...(big argument with my Momma :/ ) week of sleeping in, sunburn, and silence, I am ready to tackle the next 32 days of the 2013-2014 fifth grade school year. I hate that the countdown has started. I feel like there is still so much to do and learn and be and make and share and and and...all that stuff! I know we need rain tomorrow to wash away some pollen but I'm hoping it moves in later in the evening so we can keep our focus...rain makes us crazay!

Friday, I went down to Macon with a couple of my coworkers to Georgia School Supply. I bought some dinosaur border, realistic dino posters, and a welcome banner...I'm planning to go big with dinos next year. I also bought some adorable hexagon border that I couldn't resist because we're studying geometry right now. I also bought a few chevron goodies and some mustache border...for whenever and whatever...I should be a member of Borders Anonymous because I have a serious addiction...I had several others that my co-workers talked me out of!!! So..this is doing good!  

And then...I couldn't wait to get it up and around these adorable Geometry Glyphs that we did Friday so I went in to work. Doesn't it look spectacular?!?...it does to me and that's all that counts. :)
Ignore the terrible pic quality...I'm really trying to get better!!!

I also worked diligently on plans...oh and these plans make me super sad...they go all the way to the last days of school....sigh...I'm not ready yet. Are you?!

Do notice...that there are not any plans for Friday...we are out for Good Friday! :)

I feel as if I've turned into a movie critic this month with $30 worth of AMC giftcards from one of my kiddos for Valentine's Day. (be jelly...it was taped to the back of a candy heart and from a most handsome young man!) I went to see God's Not Dead and Rio 2.  God's Not Dead WAS a good movie. Obviously, you church friends of mine know that it was not an "Old Fashioned Heaven Sent Revival" type of film, but it definitely had a lot of positive impact and clearly gave the plan of salvation! I was really impressed with that.. Aside from the whole story line of the college kid taking an atheist professor's class, I was really pricked and moved with compassion for Muslims. There was a minor conflict in the movie about a young lady raised Muslim who was forced at home to worship Allah and wear traditional Muslim attire even though  she didn't want to. The movie opened my eyes and heart for that religion through this conflict. I have never truly had a heart to see Muslims converted to Christianity...now I do and unlike never before.  The great thing about the God I serve is that He allows each of us, Christian or not, to choose. He doesn't force us to serve Him or pray to Him or even accept Him.
Now that I have shared my Sunday Sermon....ehem...Rio 2 was adorable! I loved that it involved the Amazon Rainforest and saving species and the trees! The teacher in me was shouting out all of the different creatures that we studied in the fall...I seriously took notes yall...during the movie and on my phone. The movie referenced the pitcher plant/venus fly trap, poison dart frog, capybara, sloth, caiman, marching ants, Brazil nuts, macaws, anteaters, piranhas, jaguars, and... the MOUSTACHED TAMARIN! Bwahaha...I couldn't believe it but he was a major feature! The movie is G rated and I'm really hoping it's out in September for us to celebrate the end of our rainforest unit with!
Unfortunately....the second and thirds are never as good as the first so...Rio is still my favorite but it was a super cute movie!

Giftcard selfies....what is this world coming to?! That was all meeee!

Oh! I also experienced MARTA for the first time everrrrr with some friends and my hubby Saturday! I was only a little petrified to say the least and let me just say....this country bumpkin will neva...rephrase, hopes to neva eva, live in the big city life! I suspected everyone of being a robber and wanting my purse and didn't like the feel of being underground or over the interstate....but I do feel like a central Georgia resident now! All thanks to some friends from New York and California!
 We went to the Braves game and boy did they knock some outtta the park! It was a great win and an awesome game!
Here's to a great week full of poetry, weather, geometry, and finalizing that research paper! :)