Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Trials on Tuesday

 Today we went on a field trip to the court house. We spent about 3 hours lisenting to probation revocations and then we got to see part of one burglary hearing! It was SOOOOO neat...for me...the kids were pretty exhausted and we even had one fall asleep and get caught by the really serious balif (sp?) police officer who proceeded to announce "maam, you need to stay awake, this is court." He also randomly said "HOLD IT DOWN. This is court" to get them quiet. Seriously, no smiles. He was good at what he did!
So...they enjoyed some of it, but a lot of it was over their head (because it was mine too!) but a great experience... especially considering that when I was little I always said I wanted to be a Judge AND I love me some Judge Judy and Judge Joe Brown!
The Judge is our principal's husband so he was willing to come down to talk and answer questions during his short15 minute break...one asked "why do people break the law?" He first responded with "I wish I could answer that" and then said "I do know...most people break the law because they are selfish"
I thought TRUE DAT!
Notice the officer in the front left hand corner :) 
Oh, and I do have a funny...one of the dad's from our school ended up showing up at the courthouse to attend the field trip with his son. One of my sweet girls looked at me with him right beside me and said, "Mrs. Stewart, is that your husband?" while pointing at him...it. was. awkward. I just said no sweetie, that's __________'s dad. I know my face must have turned red...it was just kinda awkward for a minute.

So...because I was gone all day on a field trip and have nothing to grade today...it's the perfect day to grade our research papers right?! I've only had them sitting around for a week now... NOPE. Definitely not. I've graded 3 but I can't handle more than that today! Just from the first 3 I've graded, I can tell you that we are REALLY good at coming up with our own titles...."Bold for the Bible", "Assassinated for Awesomeness", and "Imprisoned by Persecutors" are really powerful titles...so yay for titles!!!...but, I can also tell you that we (and when I say WE...I mean me too!) are REALLY bad at comma usuage. I already know that next year, I will definitely review commas before writing our research papers!
3 down...14 more to go! 

Happy Tuesday Friends! It's been a good day for trials!

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