Sunday, April 13, 2014

Back to the Daily Grind

It's back to the daily grind for me tomorrow! After a stress free, well almost stress free...(big argument with my Momma :/ ) week of sleeping in, sunburn, and silence, I am ready to tackle the next 32 days of the 2013-2014 fifth grade school year. I hate that the countdown has started. I feel like there is still so much to do and learn and be and make and share and and and...all that stuff! I know we need rain tomorrow to wash away some pollen but I'm hoping it moves in later in the evening so we can keep our focus...rain makes us crazay!

Friday, I went down to Macon with a couple of my coworkers to Georgia School Supply. I bought some dinosaur border, realistic dino posters, and a welcome banner...I'm planning to go big with dinos next year. I also bought some adorable hexagon border that I couldn't resist because we're studying geometry right now. I also bought a few chevron goodies and some mustache border...for whenever and whatever...I should be a member of Borders Anonymous because I have a serious addiction...I had several others that my co-workers talked me out of!!! So..this is doing good!  

And then...I couldn't wait to get it up and around these adorable Geometry Glyphs that we did Friday so I went in to work. Doesn't it look spectacular?!? does to me and that's all that counts. :)
Ignore the terrible pic quality...I'm really trying to get better!!!

I also worked diligently on plans...oh and these plans make me super sad...they go all the way to the last days of school....sigh...I'm not ready yet. Are you?!

Do notice...that there are not any plans for Friday...we are out for Good Friday! :)

I feel as if I've turned into a movie critic this month with $30 worth of AMC giftcards from one of my kiddos for Valentine's Day. (be was taped to the back of a candy heart and from a most handsome young man!) I went to see God's Not Dead and Rio 2.  God's Not Dead WAS a good movie. Obviously, you church friends of mine know that it was not an "Old Fashioned Heaven Sent Revival" type of film, but it definitely had a lot of positive impact and clearly gave the plan of salvation! I was really impressed with that.. Aside from the whole story line of the college kid taking an atheist professor's class, I was really pricked and moved with compassion for Muslims. There was a minor conflict in the movie about a young lady raised Muslim who was forced at home to worship Allah and wear traditional Muslim attire even though  she didn't want to. The movie opened my eyes and heart for that religion through this conflict. I have never truly had a heart to see Muslims converted to I do and unlike never before.  The great thing about the God I serve is that He allows each of us, Christian or not, to choose. He doesn't force us to serve Him or pray to Him or even accept Him.
Now that I have shared my Sunday Sermon....ehem...Rio 2 was adorable! I loved that it involved the Amazon Rainforest and saving species and the trees! The teacher in me was shouting out all of the different creatures that we studied in the fall...I seriously took notes yall...during the movie and on my phone. The movie referenced the pitcher plant/venus fly trap, poison dart frog, capybara, sloth, caiman, marching ants, Brazil nuts, macaws, anteaters, piranhas, jaguars, and... the MOUSTACHED TAMARIN! Bwahaha...I couldn't believe it but he was a major feature! The movie is G rated and I'm really hoping it's out in September for us to celebrate the end of our rainforest unit with!
Unfortunately....the second and thirds are never as good as the first so...Rio is still my favorite but it was a super cute movie!

Giftcard selfies....what is this world coming to?! That was all meeee!

Oh! I also experienced MARTA for the first time everrrrr with some friends and my hubby Saturday! I was only a little petrified to say the least and let me just say....this country bumpkin will neva...rephrase, hopes to neva eva, live in the big city life! I suspected everyone of being a robber and wanting my purse and didn't like the feel of being underground or over the interstate....but I do feel like a central Georgia resident now! All thanks to some friends from New York and California!
 We went to the Braves game and boy did they knock some outtta the park! It was a great win and an awesome game!
Here's to a great week full of poetry, weather, geometry, and finalizing that research paper! :)


  1. Great weekend we had! :) And I will force you to go on MARTA again...when you least expect it! Bwahaha :)
    G-Iron Tutor

  2. Ok, you've taken the first step....admitting you have a border problem:) Your monsters look great!

  3. I shop for more:) We forgot to get a picture of us and all our stuff from know I've got to document my life as a teacher! You can't let me forget next time!