Tuesday, April 22, 2014

For your Sharpie 411!

We read the Lorax today and compared many of his problems to the problems that we face today with our earth...smog, gluppity gloop, and deforestation. We then wrote shape poems using green and blue to shape the earth...it was challenging. The great thing about Jessica Zanini's poetry unit is that you can adapt it however you need to! We will definitely be adding this to our poetry portfolio.

 Don't you just love my definiton of Earth day?! A day of global unity set aside to encourage everyone to do their part by keeping God's green earth clean.

 We also worked to get as much of our research paper finished....it is due tomorrow and I dread the thought of grading that many...at least they're all on the same topic. It was really quiet during this time today and I really did love seeing my kiddos working so diligently and getting up to look through the dictionary for how to spell words!

 Most importantly....I RUINED my favorite pair of kacki?! (I never spell that word right!) capris with those atmosphere balloons that we did! Unbeknowst to me, sharpie wipes right off of balloons?! Who knew. I didn't. So for everyone's Sharpie 411...it isn't permanent when it comes to balloons!  Apparently when I picked a shriveled one up off the floor today....this happened. Only I didn't realize it had happened. I tried using those clorox wipes...the only thing I had...but I don't think it's going to come off. :(  BOO.

Here is our dear sweet janitor, Mr. Robert. He is the best janitor I have ever met and does his job whole heartedly!  He is always helping me and bailing me out....
He took the balloons off my hands because I didn't want it getting all over my kiddos nice uniform pants either!
He is remarkable! 
I'm surprised he didn't float away!

Still not enough time in our class...26 and sadly countly...

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