Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Shoulda looked First!

 We will be celebrating Earth Day tomorrow with the Lorax! I changed out the door to get my babies excited tomorrow when they walk in the door! It it totally pinterest inspired. I made the Truffala trees a couple of years ago and they've held up for now 3 years...it was exciting to seem some of the afterschoolers walk by and see them laying in the hallway floor and say..."Are those Lorax trees?!" They definitely are and I'm sure if they looked closely enough they'd  find some spiders nesting in them...kidding. only kidding. I shook them out pretty good.
But really maybe.
Not too bad of an outcome...I really think his stache would look better if it was wider but....
it. is. what. it. is.

He seriously needs a wider stache!

 I also stopped by Goodwill today...it's been a while and 14 dollars later I came out with 3 Seuss stuffed animals and 9 books. My cousin was with me and she said..."...you do know you teach fifth grade, right???"
She Did.
Yes, I know that I teach first grade BUT some of them still like stuffed animals...and I REALLY DO!!! That is what counts because it's MY room. I will definitely use these next year to sit on bookshelves in March and who knows...I may not always teach fifth grade and ONE futuristicy day my personal babies will love the Wocket from my childhood favorite Seuss book, the Oh Say Can you Say bird which...uh, that's all fifth gradey tongue twistery....and I think the other guy is the Hop on Pop one....but I'm not real sure. They will love them. Just like I do.
I also snagged a book on Poetry, 3 sciency books on minerals, the earth, and dino's, a Junie B. book, Dr. Seuss' Happy Birthday to You, The Wizard of Oz and Otherwise Known as Shelia the Great (you can't ever have too many copies of the last two)

Needless to say, 14 dollas latta, I'm still a happy gal!

I failed epically as a teacher today...
And I could kick myself in the bootay for it!
One of my dear sweet students couldn't find his journal last week while we were working on our research paper...he looked in his desk and bookbag but still couldn't find it. I told him to check at home and first thing this morning he told me he couldn't find it anywhere at home.
Almost everywhere. I mean 3 drafts into this paper and he couldn't find it....STRESS.
 I had everyone take their schtuff out of their desks and check their bookbags to make sure they didn't have it....no luck SO...we prayed for that sucka to show up by the end of the day.
No luck.
Right before 4 I was trying to get everything together and thought...you need to check everyone's desks for that journal before you leave.
I should have acted right then but I forgot. I got busy. 
Come 4:00 he and his dad show up to look for it and what do you know....
I walk over with him to his desk and THERE it is. In his desk. Not even hidden or shoved into anything.
He was so...mad at himself.
BUT I was even MADDER....why had I not already looked!!! GIR.

He's an exceptionally responsible kid, so I just thought...there's no way it is in there...but oh my soul....I was so mad at myself!

I shoulda looked first. My nanny use to be the one to always say..."I bet if I come look I'll find it..." and sure enough she did.
Epic Fail. 
Ever have those?! What are your Earth Day plans tomorrow?!

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  1. Your door looks great! I love thrift stores--always something to find... Have fun tomorrow!
    Kids Math Teacher