Saturday, April 5, 2014

Mistakes, Monsters, Messes, Money, & Music!

"The sky's I'm awake!" 
 Can  you believe that on my first day of Spring Break...I've been up since 7:00?!? My sweet hubby had to work today :( so I've been up ever since. I've been catchin' up on some blog readin' and some laundry all while trying not to be too noisy because Michael's Dad and sister are staying with us this weekend!

 Yesterday was our last day of testing and marked Spring kids were CRAY CRAY Yall!
After we did our math achievement tests we had a snack and I overheard some of the students talking about how easy or hard they thought the test was. One of my absolutely adorable young men said most matter of factly:
..."Uh...Mrs. Stewart, they made a mistake on that test!"
I obviously had no idea what question he was talking about and just looked at him intently for a moment then laughed out loud and then he too laughed realizing that they probably didn't make a was absolutely hysterical...but they could of...I never told him that they did or didn't just laughed hard and loud! 

We finished testing pretty early yesterday which left us some time to emphasize geometry with a craftivity. We made these adorable geometry monsters! I found them on TPT and used them last year with my fourth graders and this year with my fifth graders and it was still perfect for the skills we've been learning!

They had a lot of fun with this "just letting off steam..."
We don't get to cut and paste much and after testing some of them were very cut happy! 
I can't help but SQUEAL seeing that he's reading C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia series!

Oh! And you would have SQUEALED too if you had seen pieces of the back of this book cut up in the floor....
Total accident but some were Cut Happy I tell Ya! 

Look at that mess! But hey, it felt good!
  The pic below will take you straight to this talented TPT'ers store!
Not only is this a freebie, but it is also really easy to understand and follow and very well put together!

I had a surprise on my desk when I got to school...and the card inside was so...sweet!
"To my beautiful teacher 
Who is Sweeter than honey
And far more precious than money!"

Is that not the sweetest little note! I teared up! She is a sweetie! And what student remembers your birthday when it's on Spring Break?!

And the contents..mmm... I love me some Olive Garden!

Oh...did you catch all the "Frozen" references?! Yea well our entire elementary watched it yesterday as a celebration for being finished with testing! I've seen it like 6 times now but CAN'T buy it because someone plans to give it to me on my birfday this idea who..cough cough...
but I really want to STEAL Abby Womack one day next week so that she can watch it with me once I own it!

Happy Saturday and start to Spring Break for some of us Georgia teachers! I'll be at the softball fields today watching my sis-n-law play ball...soaking up some sun and pollen! :)

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