Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful Easter Sunday, both at church and with family!
We started the day out at Dunkin' Donuts...and oh my soul...they had Easter donuts so I was ecstatic and happy, probably the happiest customer they have had all day....squealy happy.  We bought a dozen for our Sunday School class this morning!
Happiness is a box of donuts from DD!

They were a little excited too...only not as excited as me! We also gave out Easter eggs this morning when the teens answered questions about the lesson...teenagers these days just think they're wayyyy too cray and cool to participate in whatever works! I was always the one teachers had to ignore because I asked too many questions! One of the eggs they got was empty to represent the empty tomb and that one was the prize egg...they got a box of the mini Cadbury cream eggs for their hubs most favorite candy ever...(all that thick and gooey cream...yuckie!)

Okay...he was faking the excitement a bit but he was the first and last to eat the donuts! Early bird gets the worm!

Every other Sunday we go to an assisted living center from 2:00-3:00 and have a church service with them. Usually these Sundays are a blur but definitely worth blurring through. We always try to grab something quick to eat after the am services....we attempted 2 quickie restaurants (that were not McDonalds!)  in the area but they were closed for Easter (surprising..but good for them!) We ended up at The Flying Biscuit. It was yummy but definitely a sit down, chillaxin' all cool type rush...and not even when we asked if we could order and get served within 45 minutes....but, it's all good....we scarfed down our food and made it to the nursing home a couple of minutes late. We will definitely be going back for Sunday lunches and trying other stuff...the shrimp and grits were yummo!!! But the "biscuit" they are named for was not my fave!

Always excited to try a new place!

Our fancy schmancy Easter lunch with friends! Irma, Dan, Caleb, Michael, and Me :)
And here are the yummies that we gave to the sweet residents we minister to...that's right...Reese's peanut butter favorite Easter candy!

We ended the day with my inlaws celebrating Easter with family. A lot of driving but definitely a special day! It was the first time we haven't matched on Easter Sunday but.....our love is matchless just like that of precious risen Saviour!

From us to you...Happy Easter!

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