Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Best School Year Ever

My Oh My! It has been a while...lots of scholastic...and not so scholastic... crazinesss happening in my little corner of the world...feeling like a change is in the air....ehem...the first day of fall...
so now to share a bit of that with you...

We started out the year with Barbara Robinson's The Worst  Best School Year Ever! I love her The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, so I thought this would be the perfect read aloud for starting the year together, and of course introducing them to the Herdmans is always hysterical.

I completed an example using the teacher next door to me, whom I absolutely love and adore! I used a scholastic printable I found on their website where they had to write a paragraph about their classmate! Strangely, and not on purpose, most of the girls were assigned to a boy and vice versa!

I have another AMAZING class this year! Different from last year in that they are a really young group of kiddos. Any reference to abbreviations in grammar such as O.P....cracks them up or reading about the deadly mustard gas from WWI was almost impossible, but I've really been blessed with what I consider the cream of the crop the last 3 years! For those of you with challenging classes this year...my day's a comin'!
They also love our class read aloud time...we just finished Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume...oh my soul! Never in my life did I dream the end of that book would lead to a discussion on how babies are born!!! They had me in stitches! Literally. Tears. Poppin'. Out!

We have written compare and contrast essays on our best friends! I was uber impressed with the thesaurus dedication when it came to revising...words like gallant, towering, elasticity! :)

Had to introduce Compare Contrast with this duo! Adore THE TRUE STORY OF THE 3 LITTLE PIGS

Lastly, I'll conclude with some pics with my precious nieces several weeks ago at a dinner celebrating my hubby's ordination into the ministry :)

These two pics sum up my life right now...CRAZAY and FULL !
Can't express how blessed I am! 
Hope your year is as cray and fulfilling as mine so far!