Wednesday, October 11, 2017


As promised a day late and a dolla short...Sorry I couldn't resist that phrase, while I'm a day (dayssss) late this post is nothing short of a dolla!

Do you have a Bachelor's Degree and any experience working with kiddos?! If so you should consider working from home, making your own schedule, making $16-24 an hour, and loving your job! My referral link is posted at the bottom of the page. If this post convinced you to apply with VIPKID, then PLEASE use my referral code! (It helps me to advance within the company and I might get a referral bonus!) Seriously yall, I would not recommend something that wasn't legit a really good thing!!!


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You will be unforgettable. You will also have some pretty unforgettable, hilarious, and sweet  experiences in the process! As a teenager, I always wanted to be an English teacher in China. One particular family that I knew as a kid shared with us how their calling had been to serve on the mission field of China teaching English, and that there was a big demand for it. They were trying to recruit our family and friends to go and help them! They got to share their lessons, pics from their classrooms, their enthusiasm, and their love for it. It is still seared in my mind as something I knew I wanted to do and could be used to do.
And guess what?! I get to do that in a roundabout way bc VIPKID allows me to be a part of something bigger than I am. What a privilege it is to share my talents with that ginormous part of the world and its little adorable loves!

The whole 9 months before my first sweet babe was born, I prayed about how I was going to financially contribute to our family. Seriously yall. I knew as a young child, that I wanted to be a Mommy! Before the hubs and I got married, I made it plain and clear to him: When we have kids I am staying home with them! He never once put up an argument, but we prayed (and worried) about it A LOT from the day we found out I was preggo and hey, MY GOD PROVIDES IN EXCEEDING AND ABUNDANT WAYS! I just have to give Him the due glory here...because when He calls you to something, as impossible as it may seem, He takes care of you!

I started an entire pinboard and journal with my ideas for opening my own store, toyed with starting a blog and attempting to make money off the ads, debated selling Lularoe, Plexus, trying my hand at painting/embroidery, working from home via a big company like Delta, signed up to do those Mystery Shops (ain't nobody with 2 kids under 2 got time to get out and do that!) anything and everything...I had thought about it, prayed about it, and nothing worked out mainly because ALL of those things required too much of my TIME or lots of MONEY in start up costs.

The financial need never stopped being real, and I never stopped praying for a way to contribute. Then this summer, I saw a Facebook ad for VIPKID, and was like Pshhh...eyeroll and kept scrolling. Like what a gimmick!Who makes $16-24 an hour teaching online in just 25 minutes...yeah right.
 A couple weeks later, my Mother in Law  tagged me in a Facebook post for VIPKID and said I should look into it. A few days later my Aunt sent me a text saying hey, you could do this! So, finally I read the ad, I read reviews, I read the requirements, and I thought there's no way they will accept my credentials because the college I graduated from is not prestigious enough, but I'll fill in the information anyway. Yall, I was so vague. I mean I had been a classroom teacher for 6 years and definitely LOVED teaching! I had some experience that I really could of hammed up, but I knew this was too good to be true so I briefed it.

Within 24 hours, I had an email asking me to set up an interview and teach a brief 10 minute sample lesson with the powerpoint slides provided in the email. What?! Ok, why not, right?! What do I have to lose?! I can definitely get a child to repeat the alphabet and phonetic sounds right?! It was Beijing time so I think it was like 3 am. The interview was with someone in China in the HR department and was all of 30 minutes. They asked about me, told me about the company, gave me some suggestions, and let me teach. I went to bed and told my husband that it was such a neat and professional experience, but I didn't expect anything to really come of it. Although, true to the advertisement, I was floored with the possibility of bringing in an extra $2,000 a month. Within 24 hours, I had another email asking me to sign up for a MOCK 1 Interview. It was a little more involved (25 slides for a 25 minute lesson like the actual classes are), but was evaluated by a mentor teacher here in the states. I spent hours preparing. I was so nervous. The mentor teacher acts like a 5 year old Chinese student who doesn't know any English. It was pretty stressful, I taught "too long" had a lot of incidental language, and I knew that I bombed it. I honestly went to bed crying that night, but then within 48 hours I got another email asking me to take a MOCK 2. This time I spent less time preparing and more time being genuine. I rocked that interview! I knew that if they didn't hire me, it was because I did so poorly on the first Mock. Within 48 hours, I got an email saying I had been hired! They handle each step of the interview process on a 48-72 hour time sensitive basis...probably because they have a lot of applicants applying!

We were getting ready to go on a family vacation, so I waited until we got back to submit all my required documentation and proofs. When we got back, I opened up my schedule and my bookings started to slowly trickle in, and oh my soul, I stinkin' love it! I'm always so pumped after teaching, and I love that I'm getting to use my talents while staying at home! (Plus this will look good on my resume one day if the door opens for me to step back inside the classroom setting!) I love that the lessons are short and sweet and that there's very little parent interaction, no grading, and the lessons are prepared for you! Oh and my favorite thing is without a doubt...the money.  Here are my top 10 reasons why you should consider VIPKID:

1. You can be a part of something bigger than yourself!

2. You make your own schedule! (I work while my husband is home and babies are sleeping so I don't miss any time with them!) If you'd be able to work morning hours, those are the hottest times of the day! I can't because of my littles, but there are a lot of scheduling options.

3. You can make between $16-24 an hour. (My average is $22) There are all kinds of bonus' available, promotional opportunities, and certifications. Seriously yall, my first pay check was about $300, and they have doubled since then. That may not sound like a lot to you...but that's a car payment and then some to me.

4. Classes are only 25 minutes long (28 minutes max if technical difficulties occur)

5. No grading!

6. Lesson's are provided! (based off Common Core standards)

7. No Start up Costs (everything I use, I already had between my former classrooms and my kid's toys!)

8. No parent communication!

9. Work from home! (I teach in a corner of my kitchen!)

10. It's FUN! Your heart will be knit with the culture and kiddos of China!

What are you waiting for?! GO APPLY NOW at VIPKID! AND PLEASE select "click here for referral code" and use: 03T8X7  This will best allow me to mentor you through the process should you need it! They are expanding soon and the need for teachers is great right now!  Feel free to email me at with any questions or mentoring that you may need. Happy Applying until Happy Teaching!

Thursday, September 28, 2017


Hey Everyone! has truly been a loooooooooooooooooooooong time since I last shared anything teacher-spirational  with yall! Most of you who know me personally or follow me on IG know that I have taken a "break" from teaching in the classroom to stay home with my own children...a decision that I will never look back on!

I welcomed a precious baby into my family on May 12, 2015. He was due on May 22 which just so happened to be the last day of the 2014-2015 school year for me! I was convinced he was gonna come late and that I'd make my eoy gifts, attend awards, host our last class carnival, and even attend the dreaded FIELD day ;) BUT he came a couple weeks early (labor contractions began while walking around Sams for party supplies with my Room Mom) forcing me to say an abrupt goodbye (and we all know the eoy goodbyes are hard enough anyway) to one of the best groups of kiddos and parents I'd ever taught. (My last post literally sums that year up...The Best School Year EVER ironically too, because if some of you remember, I totally thought that partition was gonna ruin me!) They showered me with so much love even afterwards that I always intended to make a post and dedicate it to them. However, the wonderful demands of having a newborn always wrapped up in my arms made that challenging so I never got past a draft. Seriously, yall...he was the cutest baby boy in the whole wide world...Meet Hudson Andrew Stewart:

And...he made us a happy little family...something I always dreamed about even as a child. AND THEN before I had anytime to get the blues about being out of the classroom....I got pregnant and had the most beautiful baby girl in the whole wide world. Meet Adalyn Ruth Stewart:

Photo Creds:  Giggles & Grins by Brittney York
Side note: My photographer is like the best ever and I adore her. Link above for any of you Atlanta area friends in need of an understanding and passionate photographer!

 And...that sweet little baby girl above, made us a bigger busier crazier happier family of four...

After a week, my husband went back to work and life with 2 children under the age of 2 was nothing like my picture perfect heart had hoped....lots of demands (many of which I put on myself because my husband is seriously the most understanding man I've ever met), lots of thankless and tireless jobs, things that we had always been able to balance seemed unattainable, things were not getting done, finances were tight,...and I went from SuperMom to Momzilla. I felt so worthless.

 This is "FREE" but looking back, I know I had some PPD, the baby blues, whatever you wanna call it, but I never wanted to directly deal with it pride, my family's record with medication, admitting something was wrong, not letting the Lord be my strength, you name it...I had a reason to not deal with what it really was. HOWEVER, I had an absolutely amazing support system in my husband, family, and friends. Were it not for them encouraging me, telling me it was normal, making me do things I didn't want to do, obligations that kept me busy, then I would not be who I am right now.  If you are reading this and struggling with any of that right now, PLEASE reach out to me or someone who really can get you some help. Don't think less of me sweet friends, but know that it can be real, and be smart enough to recognize it. When did it end?! When did I get over it?! I think it is different for everyone, but in my case around the time Addy turned 6 months old...she and Hudson both became more independent and I started doing  2 very specific things for myself:

1. I joined the YMCA. I stopped making 2 pregnancies in the last 2 years an excuse for why I wasn't happy with myself physically and started doing something about it. It is still a work in progress. Joining the Y also has allowed me to shower everyday while my kiddos are in the childcare center...that was a game changer! :) Seriously, who knew an uninterrupted shower was a part of wellness!!! So that's really why I joined hahahaha!

2. I got a job with VIPKID....teaching English online and making good money just 25 minutes at a time and setting my own schedule (nights and weekends while my hubby is home with the kiddos in the comfort of my own home!) Yep, that company you keep seeing on your social media feeds that seems to good to be true...I applied to work there and they hired me! Yall, it has given me such an outlet to use my God given talents, and make some extra easy cash in the meantime! If you're interested in the company, I'll be posting a "Why VIPKID?!" post tomorrow so stay tuned and I'll give ya lots of details and instructions for the initial SIGN UP.

BOTH of those things, have given me a little bit more WORTH.  Even my husband commented that I seem "happier".

SO there's why I've been MIA...most of you already knew...but you might be seeing me around a bit more to showcase some of my VIPKID fun! (oh, and if you are interested be sure to tune back into The Overstimulated Teacher tomorrow for the why and how to become a VIPKID Teacher.

Happy Teaching Sweet Friends!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Best School Year Ever

My Oh My! It has been a while...lots of scholastic...and not so scholastic... crazinesss happening in my little corner of the world...feeling like a change is in the air....ehem...the first day of fall...
so now to share a bit of that with you...

We started out the year with Barbara Robinson's The Worst  Best School Year Ever! I love her The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, so I thought this would be the perfect read aloud for starting the year together, and of course introducing them to the Herdmans is always hysterical.

I completed an example using the teacher next door to me, whom I absolutely love and adore! I used a scholastic printable I found on their website where they had to write a paragraph about their classmate! Strangely, and not on purpose, most of the girls were assigned to a boy and vice versa!

I have another AMAZING class this year! Different from last year in that they are a really young group of kiddos. Any reference to abbreviations in grammar such as O.P....cracks them up or reading about the deadly mustard gas from WWI was almost impossible, but I've really been blessed with what I consider the cream of the crop the last 3 years! For those of you with challenging classes this day's a comin'!
They also love our class read aloud time...we just finished Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume...oh my soul! Never in my life did I dream the end of that book would lead to a discussion on how babies are born!!! They had me in stitches! Literally. Tears. Poppin'. Out!

We have written compare and contrast essays on our best friends! I was uber impressed with the thesaurus dedication when it came to revising...words like gallant, towering, elasticity! :)

Had to introduce Compare Contrast with this duo! Adore THE TRUE STORY OF THE 3 LITTLE PIGS

Lastly, I'll conclude with some pics with my precious nieces several weeks ago at a dinner celebrating my hubby's ordination into the ministry :)

These two pics sum up my life right now...CRAZAY and FULL !
Can't express how blessed I am! 
Hope your year is as cray and fulfilling as mine so far!

Monday, August 4, 2014


Hey Yall!

Today was my first day back!!! It's been a long and exciting day and I am pooped out from all the procedures...practice...talking...explaining...sharing...and...planning! It was all definitely worth it and I can't wait to share in the lives of the precious 19 that I have this year!
I'll quickly summarize with Farely's Currently...

 Listening....take out says it all! Yes, I went to La Parilla tonight and ordered take out! Since I was starving from eating lunch at 11:00 dinner was gone by the time I got I am now enduring the crunch crunch smacking of my man's dinner! one is over! As exciting as it was, I am so glad that is behind me...whew!

Thinking...I CAN NOT wear a dress or skirt much as I was on my feet today...this gal's fat thighs just can't handle all that! Pants tomorrow or else I'm wearing my hunny's boxers briefs and loading on some of that monkey butt anti chaffing powder!

Wanting...I've just recently become obsessed with a house that is for sale in my neighborhood...ah....I'd love to buy it! BUT...without a miraculously HUGE love offering....haha! I can forget it!

Needing...I really need to develop all the pics I took for our QOD board that can start first thing tomorrow following their normal daily routine! And I need some sleep...goodness me...I really need some sleep!

Happy August!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

This isn't my first rodeo!

So...tomorrow, technically, today is my first day back to school with kiddos! I have 19 fifth graders right now and I'm sure they're just as giddy and restless as I am about going back tomorrow! Hopefully they're all snug as bugs and sleepin' tight right now!

I'm ready...but I don't feel ready...I'm over prepared and trying to convince myself that this isn't my first rodeo and that the first day flies by!

I worked on a couple of bts gifts for some special people....first off, I had 2 girls from my class email me each week this summer as a part of working on their their prize is awaiting them tomorrow if they get a chance to come by and see me!
 Then I worked on a small note for my fifth grade team members! We really are fabulous together and I grew to love and respect them both last year! I got them both a Bath and Body wallflower plugin and scent with a note about life's enjoyments and pleasures! My goal this year REALLY is to be home EVERYDAY by 4:30!!!

During the tax free weekend, I managed to grab a whole bunch of goodies...but these Learning Resources magnets are definitely among my must haves for this school year seeing as how I have two big magnetic doors that smother one of my walls!  They were 10 bucks, but worth the They will be getting lots of use tomorrow in my classroom! 

ALSO...I'm sure you know this already...but did you know that they make primary lined mead notebooks?! And how cute are these designs...I resisted on account of they're not a fifth grade thing...but definitely cute and pretty much amazing!

I think I'm gonna try to go figure out what I"m wearing tomorrow and get a couple hours of sleep!
Happy first day tomorrow to many of you!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Q.O.D. and The LIST

Hey Yall!
I've been a little MIA in the blogsphere lately...but in real life this girl has been insanely busy and I know you all have too! We're officially pre-planning this week and there's not a whole lot of time to work in our I'm not quite ready to give you my grand finale pics yet, but I do have a few things that I've actually finished...

This is my question of the day board. I used this last year but styled it a little differently this go round. I found this idea from Ashley Reed's TPT store and let me just tell you my kids LOVE it! $5.00 spent well and it fits my circus theme perfectly...if I forget to change it, first thing they let me know and ask me what the new one is! It was such a hit that this year that I have decided to daily theme my questions...vocab. one day, president 411 another, etc..because the greatest thing about this purchase is it is editable!!! I'll take their pics at open house with a stache on and they simply change their magnets daily to answer the question...
Note: If you are the TYPE A will notice a lot of unevens...haha! I am an EYEBALLER :) and proud of it! Sorry yall!

 I also got my bts goody bags for open house/meet & greet/orientation....whatever you call it!
 Again...I did these last year but used differently stationary for the note this year.

  Note reads: "WELCOME! You are a smartie who was mint to be in this class! What you make of this year is UP2U." 

 Speaking of being MINT to be in a class...yesterday we got the know the one that will change over and over again in the next several days...I had 19 I've got 17...tomorrow I'll probably have 20 (our cap)...and let me just say...I do not envy my principal who has to divvy up all those kids into our classrooms! And then listen to parent, student, and teacher complaints because they didn't get who they wanted...we don't differentiate our grade know as well as I do that we seldom hear the positive, but constantly hear the negative! Remember this truth during  your preparation time, especially regarding your admin...whether the best or the worst!

Happy Planning Peeps!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What a Day!

Hey Yall! So...I know most of you who go back to school the first week in August are already crazy busy with plans, room re-do's, heck if you're as awesome as've even got your back to school goody bags together...but, yall..." you do know we still have 3 weeks until we go back to school?! "...

That should be plenty of time for all teachers!

Um...NOT!!! At school today someone said this to me while I was working...
"You do know we still have 3 weeks until school starts back?" when I was "asking" for help with the loverly partition that came off of its hinges and set me back today....I probably let this "fly all over me" a little too much but I guess it all comes down to MEN DO NOT understand how much work it takes and especially when the countdown is ehem...21/2 weeks...not 3...really 1 1/2 because of preplanning!  Can I get an AMEN?!

Rant over. 

Meet my new friend...

Mr. Parition!

In the above pic you can see that one "panel" of the partition isn't's a little harder to secure. You can also see all the beautiful chairs that will replace my desks Wed. and Fri. evenings...and then put back up. I'm really not trying to complain...but it will be a pain...but it will work out. (I keep reminding myself)
The middle panel is a magnetic white board so I'm happy about that for housing homework and morning work.
The pic below is what I plan to do to all 6 back partion's kind of uncertain though so I just did one today...stapling to this thing doesn't work that well...laminating and velcroing all that is a lot of work and pricy...

Below is my library area...I still have lots to organize but the shelf to the far left is full of indoor recess games and educational games...the shelf to the far right holds class sets...of which I need a class set of dictionaries to add to...anyone have suggestions on where to get a nice inexpensive practically free set?! I'm thinking a lamp to top the other two shelves???and the big thing to the left is Mr. Partition all folded up.
Sign above says "Read Under the Big Top"

Here's my other dilemma...
See this big beautiful bulletin board that held all of my jobs, behavior, etc...that use to be seen when you first walked in??? Well it's from my class last year...and this year I don't have a bulletin board at all because Mr. Partition takes the place of that....#comparisonisthethiefofjoy
Here is what you will see when you walk in now...AND...I can't decorate this wall at all...AT ALL...nothing...NADA...ZIP...GASP! My husband's biggest pet peeve in our house is that every space has to have something...looks like I'm learning a new lesson this year.

I am a firm believer of ask for forgiveness before I *might* get some small velcro dots and just take stuff down on Wed. and Fri. afternoons from this wall! #that'salotofextrawork
I have convinced them to let me put my desk in the far right corner where my bookshelf currently is...otherwise I was just gonna forgo the desk...and again...notice all the chairs...

What a day! What a day! What a day! 
I love all you ladies and appreciate you sharing my load and small accomplishments :) I have ordered Kim Bearden's Crash Course book...I think with a year like what is ahead of me just physically...I'm gonna need some encouragement!