Monday, August 4, 2014


Hey Yall!

Today was my first day back!!! It's been a long and exciting day and I am pooped out from all the procedures...practice...talking...explaining...sharing...and...planning! It was all definitely worth it and I can't wait to share in the lives of the precious 19 that I have this year!
I'll quickly summarize with Farely's Currently...

 Listening....take out says it all! Yes, I went to La Parilla tonight and ordered take out! Since I was starving from eating lunch at 11:00 dinner was gone by the time I got I am now enduring the crunch crunch smacking of my man's dinner! one is over! As exciting as it was, I am so glad that is behind me...whew!

Thinking...I CAN NOT wear a dress or skirt much as I was on my feet today...this gal's fat thighs just can't handle all that! Pants tomorrow or else I'm wearing my hunny's boxers briefs and loading on some of that monkey butt anti chaffing powder!

Wanting...I've just recently become obsessed with a house that is for sale in my neighborhood...ah....I'd love to buy it! BUT...without a miraculously HUGE love offering....haha! I can forget it!

Needing...I really need to develop all the pics I took for our QOD board that can start first thing tomorrow following their normal daily routine! And I need some sleep...goodness me...I really need some sleep!

Happy August!


  1. Wow- first day first teacher day is on Wednesday and I thought THAT was early!

  2. Congrats on having the first day and a few more under your belt! Here's to a fabulous school year.