Sunday, August 3, 2014

This isn't my first rodeo!

So...tomorrow, technically, today is my first day back to school with kiddos! I have 19 fifth graders right now and I'm sure they're just as giddy and restless as I am about going back tomorrow! Hopefully they're all snug as bugs and sleepin' tight right now!

I'm ready...but I don't feel ready...I'm over prepared and trying to convince myself that this isn't my first rodeo and that the first day flies by!

I worked on a couple of bts gifts for some special people....first off, I had 2 girls from my class email me each week this summer as a part of working on their their prize is awaiting them tomorrow if they get a chance to come by and see me!
 Then I worked on a small note for my fifth grade team members! We really are fabulous together and I grew to love and respect them both last year! I got them both a Bath and Body wallflower plugin and scent with a note about life's enjoyments and pleasures! My goal this year REALLY is to be home EVERYDAY by 4:30!!!

During the tax free weekend, I managed to grab a whole bunch of goodies...but these Learning Resources magnets are definitely among my must haves for this school year seeing as how I have two big magnetic doors that smother one of my walls!  They were 10 bucks, but worth the They will be getting lots of use tomorrow in my classroom! 

ALSO...I'm sure you know this already...but did you know that they make primary lined mead notebooks?! And how cute are these designs...I resisted on account of they're not a fifth grade thing...but definitely cute and pretty much amazing!

I think I'm gonna try to go figure out what I"m wearing tomorrow and get a couple hours of sleep!
Happy first day tomorrow to many of you!

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