Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Q.O.D. and The LIST

Hey Yall!
I've been a little MIA in the blogsphere lately...but in real life this girl has been insanely busy and I know you all have too! We're officially pre-planning this week and there's not a whole lot of time to work in our classrooms...so I'm not quite ready to give you my grand finale pics yet, but I do have a few things that I've actually finished...

This is my question of the day board. I used this last year but styled it a little differently this go round. I found this idea from Ashley Reed's TPT store and let me just tell you my kids LOVE it! $5.00 spent well and it fits my circus theme perfectly...if I forget to change it, first thing they let me know and ask me what the new one is! It was such a hit that this year that I have decided to daily theme my questions...vocab. one day, president 411 another, etc..because the greatest thing about this purchase is it is editable!!! I'll take their pics at open house with a stache on and they simply change their magnets daily to answer the question...
Note: If you are the TYPE A personality..you will notice a lot of unevens...haha! I am an EYEBALLER :) and proud of it! Sorry yall!

 I also got my bts goody bags for open house/meet & greet/orientation....whatever you call it!
 Again...I did these last year but used differently stationary for the note this year.

  Note reads: "WELCOME! You are a smartie who was mint to be in this class! What you make of this year is UP2U." 

 Speaking of being MINT to be in a class...yesterday we got the LIST...you know the one that will change over and over again in the next several days...I had 19 yesterday...today I've got 17...tomorrow I'll probably have 20 (our cap)...and let me just say...I do not envy my principal who has to divvy up all those kids into our classrooms! And then listen to parent, student, and teacher complaints because they didn't get who they wanted...we don't differentiate our grade level...you know as well as I do that we seldom hear the positive, but constantly hear the negative! Remember this truth during  your preparation time, especially regarding your admin...whether the best or the worst!

Happy Planning Peeps!

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