Monday, July 7, 2014

The Partition is here!

A couple of months ago, I would have NEVER gotten excited over the word partition....heck, I didn't even know the word existed and referred to them as "those accordion slide thingies" BUT today, my friends, when I heard my admin. say "The partition is being installed" I was pretty stinking excited...I think I even clapped my hands!!! Mostly because I assumed the worst...that it wouldn't be in until the day before school starts or the day after school starts...and it's here! This installation is wayyy sooner than later yall and I was a teensy bit excited!
Unfortunately...I haven't been able to see it all spread out and stuff or test out the sound proofness of it...but I definitely plan on doing that tomorrow!
There it sits waiting to be installed!

And there it is installed but not completely!

One of the panels is a magnetic whiteboard...which I think I'm gonna use for Morning Work and Homework...and the rest should be easy to velcro to because it's carpet like...the thing is..that dad gum partition  has to slide back twice a week...Wednesdays and EVERY Wednesday and Friday I have to break down my room (Technically, not I, someone is doing it for me...but cough will be a lot of me if ya know what I mean...because heller...I'm a lil' bit of a control freak!) ...desks and that this can function as one big room on those nights....and my desks have to go in the yes, I am gaining a closet, but in a way I'm losing the closet and definitely downsizing my to be optimistic...I happen to love and adore the teacher on the other side : ) and I'm thinking we just might have to go ahead and open it up on some of those Wednesdays and Fridays to join our lessons ;)

In other exciting news...this week is pet week for my summer classes and my kids LOVED talking and writing about their pets today :) I started our lessons talking about Blue and Luiz from Rio and how Blu didn't look like a pet...but he was! And Luiz looked like a pet...but he wasn't! Then we all talked about our pets and wrote about them!
These cute little guys were a great incentive today for good behavior!!!
Love using stuffed animals in my class!
 Even more exciting news...Ms. Fultz, over at Ms. Fultz Corner...did a sidebar makeover for me and I am so thankful for this lady...I don't know how she keeps up with all the stuff she does...butttt she does and she does it well! Be sure to follow me on all these different social media apps!! and especially instagram...

 why insta?! Because Blog Hoppin is hostin' a 2014 Scavenger hunt and I am think I am more excited than a class full of kiddos on field trip day!!!!

4 points down.... one hundred and one to go! :)

You know you want to be all up in this koolaid too...and the awesome thing's open to anyone with an instagram account and lots of uhmazin' prizes are up for grabs! :)

  Click the pic below to read from Cara Carroll herself and get all the 411!

Happy Hoppin'!


  1. WOW! I can't imagine having my classroom taken up and down twice a week. Here's a thought - depending on what it's used for - turn it into something fun for the kids. Maybe leave a note about what you have been studying for whoever is using it - and see if you can get them to start leaving notes back for you. It might even make a great incentive to be the student who gets to write the note.

  2. I absolutely love that idea! Thanks so much...I'll let you know how it goes because I definitely think I'll do it! :)