Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What a Day!

Hey Yall! So...I know most of you who go back to school the first week in August are already crazy busy with plans, room re-do's, heck if you're as awesome as've even got your back to school goody bags together...but, yall..." you do know we still have 3 weeks until we go back to school?! "...

That should be plenty of time for all teachers!

Um...NOT!!! At school today someone said this to me while I was working...
"You do know we still have 3 weeks until school starts back?" when I was "asking" for help with the loverly partition that came off of its hinges and set me back today....I probably let this "fly all over me" a little too much but I guess it all comes down to MEN DO NOT understand how much work it takes and especially when the countdown is ehem...21/2 weeks...not 3...really 1 1/2 because of preplanning!  Can I get an AMEN?!

Rant over. 

Meet my new friend...

Mr. Parition!

In the above pic you can see that one "panel" of the partition isn't's a little harder to secure. You can also see all the beautiful chairs that will replace my desks Wed. and Fri. evenings...and then put back up. I'm really not trying to complain...but it will be a pain...but it will work out. (I keep reminding myself)
The middle panel is a magnetic white board so I'm happy about that for housing homework and morning work.
The pic below is what I plan to do to all 6 back partion's kind of uncertain though so I just did one today...stapling to this thing doesn't work that well...laminating and velcroing all that is a lot of work and pricy...

Below is my library area...I still have lots to organize but the shelf to the far left is full of indoor recess games and educational games...the shelf to the far right holds class sets...of which I need a class set of dictionaries to add to...anyone have suggestions on where to get a nice inexpensive practically free set?! I'm thinking a lamp to top the other two shelves???and the big thing to the left is Mr. Partition all folded up.
Sign above says "Read Under the Big Top"

Here's my other dilemma...
See this big beautiful bulletin board that held all of my jobs, behavior, etc...that use to be seen when you first walked in??? Well it's from my class last year...and this year I don't have a bulletin board at all because Mr. Partition takes the place of that....#comparisonisthethiefofjoy
Here is what you will see when you walk in now...AND...I can't decorate this wall at all...AT ALL...nothing...NADA...ZIP...GASP! My husband's biggest pet peeve in our house is that every space has to have something...looks like I'm learning a new lesson this year.

I am a firm believer of ask for forgiveness before I *might* get some small velcro dots and just take stuff down on Wed. and Fri. afternoons from this wall! #that'salotofextrawork
I have convinced them to let me put my desk in the far right corner where my bookshelf currently is...otherwise I was just gonna forgo the desk...and again...notice all the chairs...

What a day! What a day! What a day! 
I love all you ladies and appreciate you sharing my load and small accomplishments :) I have ordered Kim Bearden's Crash Course book...I think with a year like what is ahead of me just physically...I'm gonna need some encouragement! 

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  1. Saturday April 25, 2015 I read through your blog on your classroom dilemmas and was about to reply when I realized this was July, 2014 lol I was going to comment and give suggestions and encouragement, but I know, by now, you figured it out. What did you end up doing with Mr. Partition and the must be blank wall? I'd be very interested to hear as I am in a similar spot. lol I am Marie 16 years a teacher, Subscribe to my blog