Tuesday, April 1, 2014

CURRENTLY! & Testing Tragedies!

It's that wonderful time of the month...not the crampy unmentionable thing.....
but the Farley thing.....
I love linking up and I love the creativity of this gal!

Listening: We live super close to our neighbors which also happen to be our landlords...like actually our house is attached to theirs wayyy back in the woods! We are super thankful for them and adore their grandkids. They of course spoil them rotten like all good grandparents do. Right now, I can hear one of their grandsons outside bossing  his 'Nanny' around the yard as they play. Oh to be carefree and 5 years old again! 

Loving: I am absolutely ecstatic that we have spring break next week! Every morning this week,  I have found myself quoting aloud to my hubby..."I CAN NOT GO TO SCHOOL TODAY!" from Shel Silverstein's "Sick" while laying in the bed! Ah...so ready....3 more days! I just want to sleep in!

Thinking: I have been a really lazy wife the last couple of weeks. We probably have like literally 6 loads of laundry! My father-in-law and sis-in-law are spending the weekend with us because of some softball tournaments on this end of town that she's playing in so I know they need to be done...I'm just so...tired!

Wanting: I long to have my full strong teacher voice back and get rid of this drainage and gunk! All the changes in weather and now this pollen is really messing with me. ugh...and I can't. stop. sneezing. and my muscles hurt!!! I should also include here that I'm desperately wanting the Frozen DVD. My hubs has refused to let me buy it until after my birfday because someone...I have no idea who...coughcough....already has it for me! I can't wait! Hopefully my voice will be back and strong by then so I can sing along!

Needing: To an escape from reality! Some fun, rest, shopping, and relaxation! I'm thinking a girl's trip. What do you say Steph?!Beck?!  You can take a couple days off right?!

Hours and a Day: As far as I know (I've been having a lot of new...fyi's lately) we are 7:30-3:30 peeps but I never leave at 3:30. I figure if I'm out of there by 4:00 then it's  a really good day and I'm on top of everything! Our last day is May 28th with kiddos! I have a really good group and though I'm ready for summer break...I'm not ready to part with them yet.

We started testing today and let me tell ya...there's a first time for everaythang...
In the middle of tests I had...
a massive nosebleed,
 some ridiculous outbursts,
a kid get the pukies....it. was. bad.

And I thought I was ready when I set up this cute little encouragement area for them! 

Here's to a better day of testing tomorrow! 


  1. Oh no... puking AND nosebleeds during testing?? I am SO sorry!! We don't start the CRCT until we get back after spring break, and since I teach first, we're obviously not testing. But, I do have to proctor for 5th grade, so fun, fun fun! Hope you feel better soon, and have a WONDERFUL spring break.. I'm counting down the days myself :)

    First Grade Fairytales

  2. OMG love that cute little area. I am sure that will help boost their energy for tests! Great idea…. found ya on the currently!!

    Just Wild About Teaching

  3. I love your encouragement area! I hope you have better luck during testing tomorrow - ha! You are almost to spring break... YOU CAN DO IT! :)

    My Carolina Classroom

  4. Well, considering today is Saturday - ENJOY YOUR SPRING BREAK :)

    This is why I LOVE Farley's Currently! I love finding new people to follow - so here I am! Your newest follower :)

    Mindful Rambles