Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring Break Goodness!

This girl is lovin' the Spring Break part of being a teacher...sleepin' in, gettin' some sun, shoppin' and celebratin'! 

Yesterday, I went in Kohl's and looky what I found! I LOVED Rio and I LOVE that in 5th grade we start the year out with a big rainforest study so I was super excited to find this loot...especially Blu, the macaw and the adorable tree frog! The dog I just couldn't resist because my hubs does the best "I's gots yous guud!" impression of him from Rio...the first one. Did you know the second one is coming out Friday?! WHOOT-WHOOT! I just hope it's as good as the first one! All of this was a part of the Kohl's Cares for Kid's $5.00 rack! This was the first time I've ever noticed puzzles as a part of the sets but you bet I snagged that 500 piece baby!

And yes, I did complete the puzzle in a day!! I'm really feeling OvErStImUlAtEd now! Hey, if I can do it in a day, then my early finishers can accomplish this in a couple of weeks!
:) Just look at that work...oh! and the puzzle comes with 3 different size was a tricky one! :)
I celebrated a birfday Tuesday and well, my seester and neices know me well...
Disney, Disney music, and good reads.

 Below are 2 of the biggest pieces of my heart! If they only knew how much their Aunt Jen loved them they probably couldn't handle it! Ada, whose four, is on the left and Gracie, whose about to be 7, is in the middle! They are precious!
Take ONE!

Take TWO!
I also celebrated my sis-in-law by watching her play softball this weekend! She and her dad stayed the weekend with us and I played for the first time in forever a game of Monopoly. Yes, I lost and I am a really sore loser but the brownies and milk made up for it!

And it's not even over yet...:) Happy Hump Day for those of you teaching this week and Happy R and R to the rest of you Spring Breakers!

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