Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Devo Butterflies!

Oh my soul, yall...these first two days back so far have super productive and HAPPY days!
(Insert 3 song lyrics...."Because I'm Happpyyyy....") 
The students seem happy, I'm happy, we all seem happy...it could be that the countdown has started!
 31 days :) 
 I know I'm  thankful I spent Friday and Saturday planning and getting some enthusiasm back. Of course, I have not wanted to get up any this week and have quoted Shel Silverstein's 
"I cannot go to school today said little Peggy Ann McKay, I have the measles and the mumps a gash a rash and purple bumps..." from "Sick" every day this week! Seriously though.

 I'm all about themes and better late than never so here's my small little Easter corner.The basket is full of that grass that I always intend to save but end of throwing away and on top of it are 17 plastic eggs. Each egg has one of my student's names in it. Randomly, throughout the day, but especially during transition time, I'll say in my best announcer voice..."And the EGG-cellent student is..." I pick an egg at random and if the student is on task, then they get to pick a class coupon. If they are not on task, I just say unfortunately this student isn't on task and put the egg back in the basket never announcing who it was. It really gets them quiet for a while and I *think* it's working! I've used plastic eggs and a basket for incentives before. Challenging them with "how many eggs can the class earn" instead of the marble or brownie point ideas.... but I really liked the idea of this more when I read about it from What the Teacher Wants this weekend. She has some great ideas for prizes and I think there is a freebie to go along with it! My kids love our class coupons...especially the "No Homework" coupons so I just thought I'd use those! I also displayed an Easter subway art print (that I also have on display in my home)....I have it pinned on my "Easter" pinboard, but can't remember where I downloaded this from :( Sorry! I absolutely love this print! There aren't many that are much more about the Lamb and less about the bunny, if you know what I mean. I also plan to discuss the Resurrection Eggs. I've used them at church and in my classroom for the last 5 years. If you've never seen these before, please visit Ashley Reed's TPT store! Again, more about the Lamb and less about the bunny!
I also have a Target sign dollar spot sign "Everyone needs a friend who is all ears" :) So...true! I'm a terrible listener, but very thankful for a hubby and some great friends that are really all ears when I need them!

Overlook the class rules sign, that was so beginning of the year and needs to be relocated!

 We've been doing a lot of poetry this week and I've been using Jessica Zannini's 4th-5th Poetry Unit...this unit is worth every penny it is priced at and I can vouch for that! It is the largest unit ever and absolutely EVERYTHING you need to be successful teaching poetry: reviews, comp questions, EQ's, standards, examples,an entire portfolio!, an invitation for 'rents as publishing,  etc... She has other grades for sale too! I am in poetry love and very thankful for this resource! We've compared and contrasted poems, written acrostics, and we worked on bio poems today! Here is an exceptionally creative name acrostic poem: 

Can you figure out the author's purpose?!Ah...LOVE IT!
 We wrote several different types of acrostics together using continuous statements or some just using adjectives or words and this one was really impressive with a tone and  purpose! I can't wait to show more from our fabulous poetry portfolio's!

 We've also been working super hard on our Research Paper....dun dun dun....we have written our outlines and our first drafts. To say "It's not my favorite thing" is an understatement.

Lining up points was a challenging task when handwriting our outlines!

Tomorrow I give a devotional in front of *all* of our school's teachers, some of the office staff, and some administration!!! Probably 50 plus people...not a big deal for some of you presenters but a gianormous deal for little 'ole me! We are preschool-12th and have a lot of teachers!
I'm really nervous and have a lot of preparing that I need to be doing...below is my 3 word topic:  
I'll be emphasizing John 21 and then concluding with 3 more words: 

Planning on giving these away for others to post in their class if wanted! 

 Ah...I have butterflies already and am sure I'll be up all night. Pray for me!

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