Thursday, May 1, 2014

Petitioning the Partition

My dear sweet friends,
Boy do I think that I have some distressful news....though I'm not 100% posisitive...I'm 99.5% positive that I may be moving classrooms next year and being introduced to a partition. I've told you before that I love my team of fifth grade teachers...well, the teammates and I do a lot of supporting, talking, sharing, collaborating, when we all three of us got invited to a meeting for this coming Monday with our overhead...we knew something was up. We've gone over every possible scenario in our heads and thought...maybe we did something wrong? Maybe we performed so well this year we are getting a team performance raise? Maybe we are going to start this or that or this or that and so on...well let me just tell you that lil' ole' negative nessie me...thinks she has it figured out! While I really hope that what I think ISN'T true...I kinda think it is and my glass is no longer half full...but real close to emptay!
You's what I think the problem is...

 As Wonka puts it...we need extra space for now I introduce you to what I think the solution will be.....
Mr. or Mrs. Partition.....

 Are you wondering what in the world a partition is?! Don't feel bad...I just learned the word's one of those accordion wall divider thingys!
And apparently they come in lots of different shapes and sizes...

Oh My Soul! Can you imagine?!  I've come up with every kind of petition against the partition that I can think of but for some crazay reason I don't think my two cents is going to matter much. It is what it is.

Honestly, I have no idea what is or isn't in the works for me next year and this is all speculation on my part BUT....I can't help imagine the worst! I mean, common people! Is it really possible for me to have a classroom that is divided like this?! I will let you know when I know come Monday!

Any and all experiences with partitions are strongly encouraged to comment today!

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