Wednesday, May 21, 2014

All Smiles for T-Shirts!

Sooo...I'm super dooper pooped but have so...many exciting things to show that I can't not post! I finished 2 more projects is my door...yes, this will only be up for today, tomorrow, and tuesday...all of 3 days...
It's not a great pic because it doesn't show the full door...but the last read aloud I do is The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. I was really excited because I thought it'd happen right around the same time as teaching weather...but it was a bit I'm just now getting this up...the hot air balloons are uhh...dorable but did take a lot of time. I wanted to put the number of days left in the center of the cyclone but just don't even care anymore...I should have done this at the beg. not end of May...

Either wayyyy super duper cute!

It was kindly insane when I'm walking down the halls today and noticing that EVERYONE is taking things down or either has already cleared their door and hall decor...and then I realize that this crazy gal that they call Mrs. Stewart is putting stuff up on the ways!!!


I know I've already shared my end of the year student gifts, but this year I also did these. I found out we have a "party fund" that I didn't know about and at the end of the year it I used that budget to buy these for my dear sweet kiddos!

 They drew their pic on a tiny white square on the first day of school and I used those to create a newsletter template that I used all year...I won't share how I did the template because you'd really know that I'm a total techno dummy!!! Either way, by getting these ordered from one of my sweet coworkers, I definitely learned something that will save me a lot of time in the future!

Are they not the cutest ever?!? I think so.

I love my shirts and have had her make me several other specific shirts this year and I am NEVER disappointed! Check her out at SOS Designs!

Here's a pick of what their gift looked like! I didn't get a chance to make the poetry art keepsake with the photobooth frame like last year but I did manage one last photoframe:)

I sent them home with their Question of the Day magnet, their shirt, and a photo booth frame :)

Lastly, I will share a selfie...because yes, I'm that girl that takes selfies while driving...and walking...and before a parent teacher conference to see how turrible I'm looking at the end of the day...
Note:  the SOS Designs lady also made this t-shirt!:)

 Okay...2 selfies...I like this one betturr it just doesn't show my adorable t-shirt! :)

 Keep Smiling!

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