Wednesday, May 14, 2014

THIS Wednesday's Post :)

Hello Again (to all my friends...I'm glad you've come to play...Our fun and learning never's what we did today...) Yes, that was Barney's conclusion to the PBS show I used to watch as a kid...and unfortunately it goes through my head quite often....

So, yeah, I have no..earthly idea why I didn't post last week...or why I wrote a super long post last Wednesday and then never published it...
Actually, I do probably has something to do with the fact that we have less than 10 days of school left and I just got INFORMED that I, and one of my coworkers, are for definite moving to the band room. You see, it's a numbers thing. They want to add some middle school classes...whoohoo! I'm all for growing...but I DON'T want to move.
I really don't want to move!
You see, this will be the 3rd classroom move I've made in 3 years...what's more...the room will have a I lose a wall...what's even more...I lose 2 walls because one wall has 2 closet doors...and no, I don't get to use both of the closets and I'm not exactly sure if I'll be able to even use or have one of them.
I'm sure a lot of you are in the same boat I  am right now...and we will get through this.

Since last Wednesday....
We have finished Where the Red Fern Grows. of my boys cried....and I cried a lot! It's a wonderful read aloud. We watched the movie, but we were not impressed at all. For once, all 17 of my babies voted that they liked the movie better.

We started The Wizard of OZ . I hope to have it finished by next Thursday.

We finished our Mother's Day persuasive writing.I found this last year from the Polka-dotted Teacher. She has everything you need to make this happen. I have mine do a 5 para on why their Mom should be on the cover of People magazine, and I totally make them think it's a contest because they give wayyy more than their best! and Moms deserve our best for Mother's Day!
 I wrote "Millions for Moms" on the board and introduced this as being something they would submit for a contest. I never used the word money or win money, but a few dreamed it up and I never "shut it down"! On Friday, I told them I had kind of a confession to make by letting them believe they could win one million dollars....then explained that throughout their lifetime their moms will give them a total of a million hugs, kisses, smiles, dollars, toys, etc...and I gave them all a million dollar mint!

 I always like to give educational gifts, so being able to incorporate persuasive writing in this makes me one happy teacher.

They were all super impressive and so well written!

 I also took their pictures with a faux chalk board and developed them in black and white...I loved them...inside their cards were 2 more pics of them with their Mommies from Open House and they were taken inside our class photo booth. Since most of my kids came to Open House with their Moms, this was the perfect time to snag pics.

Sorry about the glares!

This is one of my hilarious kiddos and his sweet Mommy!
He wrote her  a sweet note on the back of his card!

I also ended up with a few more goodies last week and wanted to "document" them.
Thursday's goodies included a giant mustache paper clip that works well for important notes, and a wall smelly good plug in thingy :)
 Friday's blessings were monstrous! Lots of diet mountain dews, a bouquet of flowers, a mini rose bush, a donut :) Gotta love D&D ,a  huge moisturizing soap bar, mustache notepads, Starbucks, Krispy Kreme, and Olive Garden giftcards, and a little Clinique HAPPY : )
 Have I ever mentioned on here that my LOVE Language!? Seriously, it is. If you've never read or taken the 5 Love Languages quiz or should...I love gifts and giving gifts. It's a real "love language":) And I am very blessed this year with a great group of kiddos and their familes!

Speaking of gifts...we had revival meetings last week...and the ladies from our church put together a pinterest inspired "Box of Sunshine" for her! It looked amazing and I was super pleased with the turnout! Our guest preacher is a huge blessing and his sweet wife never gets to come because of her here's what we sent her: all things yellow! It was super dee dooper cute!

I don't think I shared this gift with you either:

My bestie's brother just bought a house. He and my hubby have become pretty good friends and so a couple of us got together for pizza at his new place and took him some "WHITE TRASH FOR HIS BACHELOR PAD" Very practical stuff that should last him a while...he needs a wife...any southern takers?!

I told you my love language was go take the quiz and figure out what yours is at:

Happy Hump Day Peeps! Only one more left this school year!

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