Thursday, May 8, 2014

LAST Wednesday's Post:)

...not sure why...but this should have posted last Wednesday....bahaha...

Hey Yall!
It sure has been a long week...
Yes, I know it's only Wednesday BUT
my eyes are already drooping! 
 Monday afternoon at car line, I told one of my kiddos to have a good weekend...he and his grandma both looked at me like I had lost it...
 and then yesterday while they were waiting in line to go to a special I said, "Go ahead 6th Grade"...they all looked at me funny and said...this is 5th grade! All day today, I've been thinking it's Thursday...

I can't seem to figure my left from my right these days and I still don't know much about the "changes" know every school has them at the end of the either find out you're moving grades, classes, curriculum, or changing administation....I still don't know how "changes" will affect me, but deep down in my soul, I know that they will.

I don't have much to showcase from this week. We've been busy busy busy doing a persuasive Mother's Day writing piece and arranging it all together. We also have lost several hours of teaching time becuase of practices for concerts and programs. We've also become addicted to our latest class read aloud. I have determined at this point, that I don't care what does or doesn't get done, I AM GOING to have read aloud time!
This will probably be our last realoud!
I have several sweet kiddos who have done something sweet for me each day for Teacher Appreciation..

Here's a look at Monday's "Appreciation": 
I had planned to do something for my team each day, but greatly neglected. I only managed to get them jars on Monday and filled them with paper clips. On Monday, I got a flower basket with a diet mountain dew, and chicken biscuit from Chick-fil-a, a bunch of mustachey stuff, and a sweet card that begins with "I hope you know how much I appreciate you. In words, I can't explain it." :) Doesn't that just melt your heart! 

Tuesday's Appreciation consisted of berry pomegrante smoothie, a diet mountain dew, 2 large green apples, and the most amazing dip ever! Seriously, I'm not usually a dip person, but this is caramel, chocolate chips, toffe, is yum yum!

These were my goodies today...a cup of coffee from McDonald's, a sweet red rose, a set of gorgeous "S" coasters, flair pens with gum and chocolate, fine chocolate bars with mustache stickers, a large Mountain Dew from QT, and then we had a teacher appreciation

I guess I could sum this all up by saying my kids know me extremely well and have really thoughtful 'rents!
I can't believe this year is so near to the end and that my days with them are now very numbered. I want to do and share and see and learn so much more with them!

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