Tuesday, June 10, 2014

"Inn Summmeeerrrrrrrr!"

 I hope you read that title with the best of Olaf in mind!

 I have kinda been relishing in this thing called summer lately and haven't put in the effort to update you alls on what's going on wif me.

My last day with kiddos was Wednesday, the 28th,  2 weeks ago tomorrow!!!

 Our last day was a half day-field day. We all got to wear our shirts that were adorbs! The fifth graders were easy to spot in our neon shirts! The front: "Orange you glad..." The Back: "Fifth Grade is Behind You!" And they were made by the fab SOS Designs and let me just tell you they were awesome at custom designing these because we really wanted an orange on the front with the year 2013-2014...and they made it happen just the way we wanted...well, better than we wanted because I couldn't quite handle drawing an orange!
It was the most organized Field Day I've ever been a part of and as you can see... the teacher's had to do very little! I'm thankful for these precious teammates of mine and our P.E. coach who organized this day!

I had a lot of boys..ehem..young men...
capture my heart this year and I mean really capture! The boys of this class made me laugh daily and were sooo...sweet!!! These are only two of them, but they were all so special to me....including my drama filled girls!

 I also hate to share for those of you who didn't have parents who were good to you this year...but because I had really giving and appreciate parents and I don't know if it will be this way next year...I will be thankful :) Here are some of my year ends:
The bottom was a beach bag full of beachy stuff! I can't wait to use it! I also got a Longhorn gift card, some Bath and Body soap and another beach towel!

Summer is already flying by! I'm patiently waiting for my couple of beach days :) 
For those of you still teaching or post planning, sincerest apologies!

 Thankfully, I was able to wrap things up at school that very next Thursday and didn't go back into the school until a full week later!!!
 Why did I go back into school a week later? 
Why am I not sleeping in every M, W, F???
Why am I making lesson plans during this summer vacay of mine???
Because this chick agreed to teach summer camp...
oh, yes, I did.
My Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays consists of 30 minute literacy classes starting with 5th graders and ending with K3ers :0 It's a lot of work and I definitely feel like I'm earning my $$$, but it gives me a chance to freshen up on strategies for younger kiddos!

I'm trying to spend my June NOT thinking of the classroomed partition move that is inevitable for this upcoming school year...I will stress more about it in July. 
For now I'll spend my summer being a workaholic because I love teaching.

Stay tuned for an exciting addition to my teaching career being posted this week...

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