Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Let's Talk About Books!


I'm sure all teachers do, but I cannot express how much I love, Love, LOVE  children's books...like my garage is FULL of them...so is my car...so are my closets... and so is my classroom...I can't ever pass up a copy of one of my favs from the Goodwill or even a new one for that matter. Barnes and Noble/Books a Million are constant companions of mine...a new book ALWAYS makes me happy! Anytime I'm shopping and can't find something to fit or look good or work...a new book never lets me down!
I've loved reading all the book reviews from Deanna Jump's Let's Talk About Books linky and while mine is not a PD book this week...
I've got some favorites that I've used and stumbled upon here lately that I want to share!
Since I'm teaching summer camp at my school....I've read several within the last week...I'm trying to stick with oceany summery vacationy books to make them all feel like they're on summer break!
The Pout Pout fish is for sure one of my absolute favorites! It's about a pouty fish who turns into a kissy fish because of some love and happiness! I love reading that one aloud, go buy it NOW if you don't own it!  The Rainbow fish is a great one too and with an amazing message about sharing! Pig Kahuna was a bookfair book from a couple of years ago...I couldn't pass it up because...hello...pigs out on the ocean?!.. but the illustrations are absolutely adorable in it! The kids especially love the baby pig that puts his ocean treasures in his diaper :)

Barbara Park was an amazing author and definitely had a knack for getting kiddos interested in reading! I've been reading this gem to the 1st-5th graders in the summer camp program and they love her as much as I do! Just recently though, I've really noticed that a lot of her books are funny because of Junie's bad attitude...just wondering if any of you have ever had complaints about this? Don't get me wrong...I LOVE her books!
I also found a great new book in Barnes and Noble last Tuesday that goes perfectly with a circus themed classroom, but really for anyone! I can't wait to add it to my library! It's about this puppy, Jane, who is just plain and ordinary while the rest of her friends and family are extraordinary and have super amazing talents...it sends the message that everyone is extraordinary in an ordinary way and that it's okay to be Just Jane :) I LOVE it! Even though I'm a fifth grade teacher, I will definitely read this one at the beginning of the year! Kids have so much pressure on them to be the best soccer player, piano player, student...etc...and I think sometimes they need to be Just Them...their own fearfully and wonderfully made personality that God gave them! This past year really showed me just how much pressure 5th-6th graders have on them from other students to fit in...I think this book will be a perfect start to our year!

Now finally a book for the 3rd-5th grader...Mary Poppins! Did you even know this was a book?! I, for one, did not! I love Disney's Mary Poppins! It's definitely a favorite to watch, but until watching Saving Mr. Banks...I didn't realize it was a book!!! I bought it last Tuesday and have been reading a couple of chapters each night. The story behind the author's inspiration for the character of Mary Poppins was surprisingly depressing. I plan to incorporate it somehow next year and talk about the author inspiration and purpose.
I hope you invest in some of my favs if you haven't already!

Happy Book Loving!

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