Saturday, June 28, 2014

Joining G-Iron Tutor

So...I have been a little MIA lately...but only in the blog sense! I've been at Camp Canaan with about 120 teenagers soaking up God's Word and being challenged to live a victorious Christian life!

Now that I am no longer in an after camp induced coma, I have something to share with you....

After some prayer and meeting up with this gal, Irma Prosser, I am excited to share that I am embarking upon a new journey with G-Iron Tutor. I will be assisting her as a K-5 Tutor serving south metro Atlanta areas.

Here we are signing our contract and she didn't take this whole expansion thing lightly but rather serious! I'm excited and praying for opportunities to help her! 
Contract signing!
 Please EXCUSE how terrible I look...I had just almost died...seriously though...while grilling some peachy marinated chicken...the grill exploded on hair, eyebrows, and even the terrible stache that sometimes creeps know yours does too...were all singed!!! Had it not been for my makeup...I'd of been fried crispy!!! or death experience right there! And it was wayy worse than it looks!

Why tutor?!
In the five years that I've taught, it never fails that I have at least one student who struggles more than others. This is NOT because they are stupid or can't get it, but because they learn differently. They thrive from one on one. They need materials previewed and they need repetition. They process differently. They need you to slow down and it takes them longer to complete assignments.That is how they learn!
I've also had the complete opposite of the spectrum. Every year there's at least one kiddo in my class that isn't being challenged enough because they're either gifted or extremely academic. While Christian schools provide a God centered, safe, and super education,  we often lack the people and funding needed to help those students. That's my goal in joining G-Iron Tutor; to help the struggling and challenge the gifted!

Why G-Iron?
 Irma, the founder, is an exceptional teacher, mentor, and friend, but most importantly an exceptional Christian! Her testimony is amazing and I know that the Lord is the one who has blessed her business! I don't know if you've tutored students before, but when people find out I'm a teacher, a lot want to know if I tutor...sometimes tutoring means you're just doing someone a favor...but not with G-Iron...tutoring means changing someone's life and making major changes, both academic and spiritual! Tutoring is not only her passion, but it is her career and we all know that good tutors are few and far between! I use to hate recommending a tutor to my parents because sooooo isn't taken serious enough!
I know that working for her will hold me accountable to be the best K-5th tutor and by God's grace and His wisdom, that is what I will be!
Click on the pic below to check out her website and get tutoring details! And don't forget to recommend us!:)

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