Thursday, June 12, 2014

Rescued my Renovation

From my title you can tell that I've spent a lot of time here lately watching the HGTV channel...oh, the plans that I have for my dream future!!!
My favorite definitely has to be Love It or List It or the house flip shows...can you imagine making $120 thousand in two months...ah, it'd be nice eh?!

This isn't really school related but Sunday School related :) And I can cross something off my summer to do list! 

One space in our life that definitely gets neglected is our Sunday School room at church...better yet, really, our entire church. Our church is in Brookhaven, Atlanta. We, and most of the members, live outside of Atlanta and travel about 40ish minutes to get there on Sundays and Wednesdays. Yes, traffic is always a beast and I NEVER thought I'd drive to Atlanta for church (I'm almost positive that those words came out of my mouth once!)...BUT the Lord has a sense of humor and His plan is perfect!

Shame on us, but we've never put a lot of time or energy into our classroom. We started revamping it last fall but then we just kinda stopped. I sit there every Sunday morning and dream of what the room should look like and what I could do to it...but just dream... up until last week...we both decided to put some time and effort and moneyyy into our class. We had FINALLY decided to go with a red/gray/black scheme. It took us a while to decide or errr...agree! Everything I suggested was too girly and since my man is the youth pastor and a Georgia fan...I let him have the last say SO LONG as he trusted me with the rest!!! I wanted the room to be a "cool" place for the teens, but I also wanted it to reflect us some...mostly him.
With Vinyl, Chalkboard, and Chevron everywhere nowadays we put a spin on all of that combined.
I'll recap what we have so far in 4 pics... I say so far because I'm sure I'll be buying and adding things to it now that I know what we're going for.

We painted this counter a flat gray about a year ago and learned that the cheap paint doesn't last and looks cheap so we repainted it with a glossy and are waiting to add hardware until we find it on sale. The frames above the counter are poster frames from Hobby Lobby with gray paper inside of them and chalkboard vinyl on top. My hubs free-handed the chalk words with a chalk board pen..actually, I did one of these...can you figure out which one?!?
Originally I bought 4 frames from Michaels but when I began adhering the vinyl, I noticed 3 of the 4 frames were cracked in some way..gir! The worst part is Michael's *almost* didn't take them took some persuading and talking with the manager...word to the wise...check yo frames! I was in a hurry and knew what I wanted and where to find I quick grabbed 4 and paid! Thankfully, they reimbursed me and I went to Hob Lob to get new frames! 

This counter top needs some serious scrubbing from some sloppy white wall painting we let the teens do years ago! I wish I had before pics because this room use to have a lime green, orange, and blue wall! 

 This one has to be my MOST favorite! I mean look at that writing...that would be my hubs! Be jelly :) because I am! I was really excited by how much we used his calligraphy and writing to revamp the room. This chalkboard sits in the most awkward spot and use to be green! We added 3 modern red shelves to the left that we got from Lowe's.
Absolutely Beautiful!
 The next pic shows the chevron wall we did last fall! It took some serious planning and execution on the hubs part! My word at all the taping that had to be done! We only have one set of curtains because I wasn't sure I'd like them...I did so I've since added 2 more curtains. All the little frames sittin around are from Michaels $2 deals...and we need to add some pics to them! The couch for this class is in poor condition but it "works"  and has a great story behind it from our first year working with the youth so we plan to keep it, but I'm keeping my eyes open for some cute red or gray accent pillows! The teen girls love it too!

The floor needs some help. We bought the gray rug from Lowe's for $20 bucks, but we really need another one and some carpet pads because it's slick.

This last pic shows that I did hang some girly paper lanterns and fans from the ceiling! It also shows that there's a bulletin board behind the couch...I plan to incorporate our kids some how with chalkboard art. Above it are the words "Let No Man Despise Thy Youth..."

I have to say that this definitely makes me happy to be in this room! We have rescued our reno :) and trust me, there are plenty other rooms in this church that are on my list!

"And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by Him." Colossians 3:17


  1. That looks amazing and inviting to both guys and girls! Terrific job!