Monday, June 30, 2014

Traveling Circus Member

I must admit that NEVER once at camp last week did I think about the mountainous move that I have to make in less than a month! Moving classrooms is nothing new to me...this will only make the 3rd consecutive year that I've moved in a row and something deep down tells me it won't be my last classroom move ;) I have become a permanent member of the traveling circus for reals! Yet, God is at work in my life.

But now that I'm back in my reality world...My new classroom was suppose to be "move in ready" today...haha! I didn't really think it would be, but that was the plan! If you missed the news...I'm moving from a big beautiful room upstairs in our building to a downstairs dungeon that use to be the band room, but is currently being transformed into 2 classrooms and divided by one of those "mulit purpose space" partitions!

Yep...that's right...lots of before and after pics are in my near future...and I have some restrictions that I've never had this move will be a booger to overcome! It could be worse though...I know some of you teacher buddies of mine that are moving and can't even get in until pre planning!!!

I'm teaching summer camp in my last year classroom so...I was only a bit frustrated to walk in today  and find... tons of big 'ole boxes covering the room that #1Still needs to be packed up and #2That I'm teaching in for summer camp!
The pic is a blur, but it completely captures how I felt this morning!

Somehow I managed to overlook the big boxes and so did all my classes today and we focused on America! We had such a great day talking about what America means to us and reading from some patriotic favs! My K3-Kinder classes learned the Star Spangled Banner and with my 1st-5th kiddos we read the One Nation book. It includes some poetry and counting through America's history and symbols. Unfortunately, our 25 minutes only allotted us enough time for reading and discussing our reads!

I never thought I'd have as much fun with the littles as I have! Especially this one adorable curley headed little cutie who was extremely attached to his pine cone today..he even imagined it the torch for the Statue of Liberty! And had to have a book for posing as Lady Liberty!
Is he not super cute?! their creativity!

I don't know about you but I love teaching about our Nation and expressing patriotism for my country!

Oh...and just for rants sake..I am SO SICK of hearing everyone's opinions on the Hobby Lobby Court is what it is...the Supreme Court has made a lot of rulings I haven't liked and life goes on...I personally LOVE Hobby Lobby and all that it stands for!
Thankful for my freedoms!


  1. I can't wait to see what your classroom looks like when you finish decorating it! :) I am in the process of working in my classroom (moved schools - well actually, moved schools, district, and state!).

    My husband works for Hobby Lobby so we are super happy about the ruling and what Hobby Lobby stands for! :)

    1. I'd be indebted to Hobby Lobby if my husband worked there! I'm sure your new home and new classroom will be amazingly decorated!!!