Saturday, December 28, 2013

Break from Reality

Can it really be that after 4 months of challenging reality...I desire to post
Seriously, I don't know how all of you teacher-mom-wives-bloggers do it!? A typical school day for me Wears Me Slap Out. This is coming from a gal who has no chil-ren of her own and who now lives only *25* minutes away from her job... But, of course, seeing as how I'm on Christmas Break...I'm actually getting the itch to be teacher-y. If only that would happen when I'm actually teaching. I have learned lots during this half year transition to a new school and new grade. I could probably list 100+ things but I think I'll stick to ten. 

1. Fifth grade is FULL of girl drama! 
Not really my cup of tea...The girl drama that is. I could write a rather lengthy book on the girl drama from this year alone. The boys all definitely have my favor this year, whereas, usually they're the goof balls, tattletales, and cheeky's definitely the girls this year. They're at that cycle starting (oh yes!), friend rivalry, boys are cute stage. A naturally good and very normal stage but its definitely taking some adjusting for me. I liken their trials to Disney's Mulan singing "Reflection". I sure hope they grow out of it. One of the other  5th grade teachers and I are even working on an optional Bible study to help the girls based off of Anne of Green Gables. We shall see and hopefully come the end of the year this will be my specialty age. Ha!  Here's hoping. 

2. Every school is different. No two are the same. Administrators, expectations, co-workers, programs,extra classes, dismissals, book fairs, fundraisers, lunch, etc... No two are the same. I'm very happy with where I'm at though every move has had its share of adjustments. I especially find that I have more time this year to grade and work on special assignments during the school day. For example, the bookmarks I made as Christmas presents for my kiddos... I was able to make those and wrap those during the school day and they took literally almost all day. Here they are:

3. Classroom organization, time management, and class decor all mean nothing if you don't love your students. Sometimes, that means asking God to help you love them like He loves them. 

4. There is a fine definite line between being teacher and being friend. Don't cross it. 

5. First impressions are NOT always what they seem. 

6. Parents think their children are perfect. I re-learn this every year. Good professional parent-teacher relationships are very important to a student's success in your classroom. 

7. Bathroom breaks are necessary...even though they are time consuming...I thought with older kiddos they could just go as they needed but nope...they need potty breaks, first grade style.

8. The best teacher teams are not when all the teachers think and do things similarly but when everyone has something special they bring to the table. 

9. When students want to help....let them help. many hands makes light work. 

10.Big kids are really little kids with bigger bodies and wiser minds.

Done.Blogged.Sweet Satisfaction. 

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