Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Back in the Saddle Again and New Years

When my alarm went off this morning these words literally came flowing all countrified right outta my mouth "Back in the Saddle Again"....I  was right back into my groove and not even half way through the day when I felt my voice begin to get weak. I could not believe it. I guess I just had too much enthusiasm in my voice?! was a good day back but I am pooped. We reviewed and practiced ALL of our procedures for the classroom, hall, and lunchroom. (which is probably why my voice went weak...I talked TOO much today)
Me in 2014

We did this "Me in 2014" paragraph writing and I emphasized the use of pronouns. I downloaded the freebie from Teachers Pay Teachers from Amy Murdock. There were a lot of cute options for printing and even the cute little faces with several different options.  If you click on my pic above, it will take you to her TPT store. I also downloaded and laminated the banner below from TPT. Click on the pic below for the link for it also. It's great because it can be used year after year!

I hope the links work, I think I remembered how to link them;) HA! It has been a while!
I do sincerely appreciate all the amazing teachers who share their work, talents, and creativity on TPT as a free download. You all are extremely talented and I will go to Heaven with many thankful praises for you all!

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