Tuesday, June 18, 2013

End of the Year Gifts

Last week I finally got motivated, guilted, and kind of pressured from my sweet husband and my visiting neice and nephew to finish and mail my end of the year gifts. The schtuff was haunting me as it lay scattered out in my living room floor. I knew I wanted to incorporate pics of them in the photobooth with some kind of poem all wrapped into a special keepsake. I kind of wanted to do a Wordle and loved the ideas I saw but wasn't sold on them plus the fifth grade teacher will make them one for Christmas next year. I planned to have whatever gift I came up with ready for my last PT conference that also included the student and wanted to read the poem to them with their 'rents. Such a sweet thought but since that didn't happen I planned to have them to give the last day of school, since that didn't happen I planned to mail them...what kid doesn't love getting mail?! I can just imagine them getting this awesome package in the mail and the big smile that accompanies it while they think of themselves as all growny because they got their own mail...just the thought helps me to compensate for the fact that it cost me a big $22.00 to mail them all and about a 45 minute wait in the post office line...I need to seriously not procrastinate on these next year so I took lots of pictures so I would remember exactly what I did.
The front included a photobooth frame with their pic from open house, a pic of them with their folks, then an end of the year pic, and last a pic of them with their teacher. I then typed a "You Are" poem for them from my perspective since they had written "I Am" poems about themselves this year. The back was a cute vintage circus page with a Dr. Seuss quote.

A close up of one!

Them all together!

I finished them with some stickers from my great finds at Michaels that were circus themed and kind of vintage too!
I then laminated them all to hold their value...lots of time on my part! Really they were a little too thick for my laminator but I made it work :)

Then I used my handy glue gun and attached a ribbon for hanging and waala...a cute end of the year keepsake :)

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