Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dreaming Big!

I had a farewell lunch date today with the other upper elementary teachers...we went to LaParilla and our time together was way too short! We talked very little about actual school though a couple of *cough-cough* students came up! I loved teaching with this group of ladies and will greatly miss them and their genuine personalities!

 Left to Right: Me(4th) Mrs. Wofford  (2nd)
Shannon(5th) and Charlotte (3rd promoted to Principal next year :)

Small school so small staff and only 1 teacher per grade but definitely by far the best with a whole lot of God gifted teaching talent :) Words can't even begin to express how warming and friendly these ladies have been to me this year from the very beginning!  Charlotte was the one I always went to for educational advice...she is so experienced and knowledgeable and will make one hot "orange" headed of a principal next year. She helped  me so much by setting expectations high and challenged me to be a much better educator! Shannon was the one I always vented and cried to. She taught me to be bold and tough and not to take things personal! She was my neighbor and her son was in my class so we spent a lot of time together! I'm sure she'll still be the educator that I cry to on those insecure and failure days :) Mrs. Wofford was the only one that I confided in when deciding to change schools. She taught me how important it is to keep a promise, be the one that others can confide in, and trust the Lord! I sure will miss these ladies and our working relationship!

 I spent the rest of my day mulling over the dilemma of no vision for my classroom set up. I was given permission to go to this Scratch and Dent store and pick out anything that I wanted, sticky note it and was told I'll get it...I chose four bookshelves and had a really hard time determining if I wanted 2 big and tall ones or 4 shorter ones :/ I went with the four shorter ones and will probably regret it. I also chose a filing cabinet with doors, a short smaller one with two drawers, a 12 foot magnetic white board (we shall see how awesome my new admins are because they also had 8 and 6 foot ones that were a lot cheaper and the best find of all was as I was leaving I found a HUGE stack of flip chart tablets the vertical and horizontal ones so I put four of those on my list and they were only priced $5.00 a piece! Way better than 12 bucks from the school supply store! Here's hoping I get everything I stickied because I sure could have stickied a whole lot more!!! Here are some of the pics I took of the Computer Lab soon to be my 5th grade classroom:
One Corner with a car load of my stuff shoved into it.

That door looks like a cute little closet but nope it's the server room :/
I can foresee lots of distractions in my near future.

I ended the day by admiring and dreaming big with some jewelry at my Mom-in-laws...Paparazzi Jewelry to be exact and I am now my own independent consultant :) Yay for me! Can't wait until my shipment comes in next week and I can start selling :) The best part is everything is $5.00! Hoping it helps supplement some income so that ONE day I can be that Stay at Home Mom to my own cute little toddlers

Check it out...

Earings Galore!

Stretchy rings to fit any size finger :)

Silver and Pearlie necklaces

Black necklaces

Brown necklaces

Colored necklaces!

 I am so excited to get started besides the greatest part is NOTHING costs more than $5.00! (even though I'm having an EXTREMELY difficult time parting with any of it! I just love it all! ) What teacher doesn't want to look stylish while she's teaching?!Check out my website and BECOME stylish :) 
 #jewelrymakesmefeelpretty #dreamingbig #paparazzigirl

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