Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Teacher's Nightmare!

After spending a busy week at youth camp and taking the last few days to catch up on housework and sleep, I woke up this morning with a terrible back to school nightmare! I'm assuming it's just my way of telling myself I need to get started on my new class but it was so REAL and so ScArY!  I dreamed that it was the first day of school and there were children and PARENTS in my class all clueless as to where they were to sit, put their bookbags and they didn't know what to do! There was NOTHING written on the board and NOTHING posted on the walls or door!  and I...I...I...was running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to make preparations even though it was WAYYYYYY too late while the other very organized teachers were staring into my class wondering why in the world I was hired and thinking that I was a big disaster!!!
Whew...I'm so glad it was only a dream but I do seriously need to get started on some prep work yet it's SOOOO hard to motivate myself! If only I weren't changing schools! Why did I do this to myself again?! I did make the right decision didn't I?! It's what's best for my family and much closer to my home...I can do this! I can start a whole new grade in a whole new school for the third year in a row!!! RIGHT?! Someone give me some reassurance!!! A little shopping spree later and I'm feeling much better....

Creative Teaching Press has a new Chevron line out so I splurged on lime green, aqua,and red border and was in need of new desk name plates and letters in the dots! I just liked the stars so I added them and got a free desk calendar for spending 40 bucks!

I also REALLY splurged on a new bed set from Target so hopefully I will sleep like a princess tonight and won't have anymore of those teacher nightmares!
Doesn't it look super comfy!? Ignore the crooked picture and bad lighting! 

Lastly, here's a glimpse of some of the campers I spent all of last week with....
The hubs and I got this great bunch of kiddos on the Virgina Cavaliers!

The last two are of the awesome youth group from our church that we took down to Camp Canaan!

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  1. You wanna know what? That actually happened to me on my 1st day of student teaching in 1st grade. My cooperating teacher (bless her heart) was nuts and she was running around like a loon laminating and copying things we didn't need that morning and then the bell rang... I was down the hall copying something she told me to copy and then I realized that no one was in the room... but parents and some eager 1st graders!!!

    Boy, oh boy... what a way to start the year!!!

    Shopping is a great way to alleviate stress! Target is that place too!!! I too am sort of questioning my choices for this coming year. I turned down a K position at a new school (something I've done for years)due to being displaced for a 3rd grade position at my school... to stay with my family of teachers that I've known for 13 years!!!

    You pray with me as I with you that God will order our steps!!

  2. Oh My Soul! That is exactly the kind of teacher I feel like I am going to be...nutty, loony, and the one others say "bless her heart" to but only because they won't let me get in and work! Working with a great team and great teacher friends is irreplaceable and you will be able to do so much more with your 3rd graders! You'll love it! I'm sure you made the right choice!