Thursday, July 25, 2013

Coming Soon to a Classroom near you!

I know it's probably not cool to have more than one post in a day...but the more I think of this Big Top Circus Tent in my classroom...the more I don't Love it. I don't even like it. Actually I think it looks terrible! After collaborating with my hubby, neighbors, and friendo I've decided to destroy my hours of labor and thought and invest in one of these:
It's only 15 bucks from Ikea and I've kinda almost spent that in red and white table cloths!! Cray right?!
I plan to get it this weekend...Ikea is pretty close to our church and I really hope it gives me the factor I'm looking for.  I also wanted to whine about how much I miss my kiddos from last year. I connected with the mom of one of my students from last year and it hit me so fast how much I miss them! I've been sobbing for the last hour while looking through old pics while my hubby thinks I've really lost it and need some sleep. They really were precious. Seriously BEST.CLASS.EVER. and I love them dearly each and every one. I will be praying for them tonight!
This was Spirit Week and we had more spirit than the whole school!
Aren't they a good looking group?!


  1. I read all of your posts on your Big Top. :) Your room is looking great! Don't be so hard on yourself. I hope you have a great year!
    Ramblings of a fifth and sixth grade teacher....

  2. Thanks Meredith! Pretty certain I'm gonna tear that bad boy down though ;)