Saturday, July 20, 2013

Matching Makes EVERY Thing Better!

What an ideal Saturday it has been at the Stewart Compound! A little sleeping in....a little straightening up...a couple of repairs...a friendly visit....a delicious dinner...a bit of reminiscing...a chance to catch up with friends...a clean kitchen...a relaxing time for hubs to play video opportune time for wife to spend time pinning... a pressure-less and unstressful day...which all make a very happy girl!
Is this what most peoples Saturdays are like?! Is this the life that normal people live?! I've always wanted to know...I never get to enjoy my home in this way on Saturdays because usually we are BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!

My hope for today was to be able to get my sofa, photo-booth, shelf, mini-frig, computer chair, and flip chart all moved into my classroom with the help of my hubby and his strong muscles.
That didn't happen and yet it feels great to have a break from school during the last few weeks of my summer vacation!!!

Sweet Abby, who has been my helper this week and who sewed my fanstachetic pillows, went home. Her mom and dad, Becky and Chris, and most of the time annoying brother, Sambo came and picked her up from the house so we made a much needed dinner date out of it! I miss spending time with this family sooooooooooo much! They have been very influential in my life and are a wonderful godly example! So thankful for them and thrilled to be able to spend some time with them today! We grilled out and I got a chance to use this super cute set of napkins, plates, straws, and cups... Which made me ecstatic dress matched! Yeppers, almost identically, the napkins and I matched!!! The words "Hostess with the Mostesst" came to me instantly!

Love my friends!

This just sent me OVER THE RAINBOW


 Innocent Curiosity...
What do rainbows make you think of?! This was one of our conversation starters tonight :)

Becky and I...and guess what?! We matched too!

Aren't we just darling?! Love her bunches!

3 Concluding and repetitive words....


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