Monday, July 22, 2013

Anxiety and Appreciation

I haven't accomplished a whole lot today in regards to my classroom...hence, the anxiety. Seriously, I can't have a conversation, pray, or sleep without my thoughts drifting to the inevitable....MY CLASSROOM!  I'm even having a hard time working on things at home and finding what I need to be working on. I finally decided on some things to print today, went and got my laminator then realized that I must have left all my lamination sheets at school...hence, more anxiety. I'm still hoping my hubby can get off early enough one day this week to get my stuff loaded and taken to the school...I need his muscles! He, though genuinely concerned and recognizing my Back to School Anxiety, is a man and sees that I still have two weeks until students walk in my door...I on the other hand...want my stuff in my class and I want it  now! I'm a very impatient person in this kind of area. Quite honestly, I'm almost always impatient when there's something that I want! One week from today I have pre-planning meetings on the clock! There aren't a whole lot of teachers working in their classes right now and next Thursday is open house...still to him, I have two weeks and he will get to it. :) 

Yesterday all of the Sunday school teachers and ladies in our church who have taught or are teachers gave a basket to one of the young ladies who got a job teaching pre school. Though not the job she'd hoped for she's super thankful to have her foot in the door in this economy and start her teaching career. She's a single lady and one of the most professional, gentle spirited, and formal people I know! We really appreciate her at our church! She's incredibly humble and modest in her entire personality!

This basket was loaded! Her theme is woodlandish with lots of owls :) 

 I could have spent so...much money on her but I've spent way too much on myself here lately!
The banner looked terrible! I printed it Sunday morning last minute...we were almost late for church! The letters were too big for the basket but I didn't realize it until it was too late! I fully intended to do something cutesy with the clothespins but this ended up a last minute banner!

I'm hoping that the new teachers at my school give me this same kind of treatment ;) But I'm not counting on it...this new kid on the block stuff means I have to prove myself...But I am a newbie to them though and I love the idea of welcoming new teachers with gifts for their classroom. It's definitely a good way, even if it's something small, to be a friendly teachering neighbor...kind of like in the old days when neighbors would welcome one another to the neighborhood with pies or jams...yep, those were the old days and sadly I've only lived to see them through reruns of Little House on the Prairie!

So...if there's a new teacher at your school find some way to show them some hospitality and encouragement because as you see...I.AM.STRESED. as I'm sure a lot of teachers are right now adjusting to a new school! 


  1. Tackle one thing at a time, keep a sweet attitude, and pray a will all come together in the end! love ya, Beck!

  2. Trying to ;) and trying to keep my prayers in one place too ;) Can't wait for the final results to be here! Love you too!

  3. So precious for ya'll to give her that basket! Too cute! I'm your newest follower. Come join my blog link up at Ramblings of a fifth and sixth grade teacher....