Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Keep Calm and Staple On!

I was finally able to get into my class today and accomplished much more than I thought I would and in only 3 hours!!! I'm using the same theme I used last year in my class and so the good thing is I already have most of the stuff I need. The staff members that were there seemed much more friendly today...maybe because it's not a Monday?! One of the other fifth grade teachers was there working for just a little bit and stopped in to chat! I also got my own set of keys today which I was just sure I wouldn't get with the school being so big. Some of you may not have this privilege nor find them needful. I like to work late and I also know my hubby will need to load in some of my things during the late night hours.
I know this is upside down...I guess I was overly excited when I took it and didn't realize! See the two keys?! I also received my alarm code so now to make a mental note: DO NOT lose them!

 Here's some of what I accomplished today. I did my all year round bulletin board with my calendar, behavior cards, and job helpers. There is also a birthday calendar that I will fill in. I also started covering the front wall that has my white board with red paper. I hope to be finished and post pics of that tomorrow...I will be working in my class all day Lord willing!

Most of the products I used on this bulletin board are from Creative Teaching Press. It's their Dots on Turquoise line. The striped paper is tissue paper from Michaels. The border is just blue bulletin board paper. It's just a lot of scrunching and stapling! I got the idea last year from here:

I was awed by this lady last year being prego, crafty, and cheap!

The circle on the left is where I post my job helpers...one of my favorite crafty friends and I brainstomed on this one a lot...pretty sure I can claim this as an original idea. The header in the middle of the circle says "Job Helpers...Tame your Task" The ring reminded me of a circus ring and I really didn't like the idea of using clowns with the already coined phrase of  "Juggling Jobs". Clowns are kinda scary and depressing. I printed  several vintage circus animals and laminated them, cut them out and then stapled them into a "dot" while making a circle. The circus animals are from the graphics fairy at http://thegraphicsfairy.com/?s=circus .  I hope to be able to finish all the fine details up on this tonight so that I can just staple them in to place tomorrow. I'll try to post a couple of close ups tomorrow. The far right library cards are the behavior system that I use...I'm missing a few because they need to be laminated. More details on my behavior system in a later post.
My class is a lot bigger than it looks and than my class last year. The walls are really tall and high so I have a good amount of wall space that I'm not used to. I have a ton of outlets and jacks in the walls because the room used to a computer lab. I should never have a problem finding a plug.

When I got home my neighbor tightened up some screws on this beauty below and now I'll be taking her to school with me tomorrow. Can you believe one of the teachers was throwing this away?! It was slanted and appeared to be stripped but after some serious tightening up...she's as good as new and I love her bright colors! 
Thanks Mrs. Wofford! I feel like I owe you big!

#workingonlotstonight! #lookingforwardtotomorrow #feelingaccomplished

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