Friday, July 26, 2013

By George...there is a classroom in there after all!

I had an almost 3 hour new teacher meeting today and I LOVE my principal! She seemed so down to kind of person and she noticed my new hair cut! And I've only seen her a couple of times! ;)

I left after the meeting to get something for lunch and was on the phone while going through Truett's drive thru....I get to the window to pay with my card and realize...Oh.My.Soul. I drove past the order window without giving my order! Talk about hilarious! My hubby says this proves his point on female drivers :0

 Though I didn't accomplish as much as I wanted, I did manage to get my class looking somewhat like a classroom. I straightened things up and got an extra filing cabinet to store supplies real cabinet or even one of those metal cabinets with doors on the outside and shelving on the inside but this seemed to work out okay and got some of my junk off the floor. Here's just a bunch of random picks and though it's still semi unorganized, it's a whole lot better than what it was!
All of the things to the right of the red "photo booth" (which desperately needs curtains, signs and some organization are extras to be done away with) but the filing cab. fit perfectly and though it's not what I wanted,  I think it worked out a little better size wise. I'd of spray painted the filing cabinet if I had known I was going to have it...but it is what it is at this point.

 It's going to drive me crazy how blank the walls are up at the top :/

Just a random shot but it really shows how far I've come. I'm hoping to get a desk to replace the stubby little short one....and I heard today that I should only have 16 students :)
 My desk area still has a long way to go but hey, it looks like a desk area...and I left a lot of space in the corner for "hiding stuff" that I need to take home or set up.

 I do still have one pile of junk hopefully I'll get shelves Monday or Tuesday and this will be done away with!

This book case is for whatever theme/holiday/unit we are doing. Right now I have books out about the circus, fifth grade, and elephants. I don't really have a lot of back to school books fit for 5th grade, but I have a TON for first in my garage!

 The thing I am most excited about from today is this board below or rather wall space....last night I was up until the wee hours of the morning (which is norm for me right now until reality slaps me in the face next week!) and I found EXACTLY what I've been needing for morning work...more like routine. I've always had a morning work assignment but this year I've known that it was going to be tough because after the first 10 minutes of class my students will either go to band or chorus...kinda crazy if you ask me because their little voices are going through that awkward-want-to-go-through-puberty-but-not-there-yet-change...but anyway I get a nice 40 min. break first thing! I've been trying to figure something short and sweet out for Morning Work other than just copying homework. Well last night...I found this and it seriously caught my eyegate:

 It's a Question of the Day board that I'm going to use as part of my morning procedures and I already had the duck tape! Bam What!!!?!! (quick disney channel reference has been inserted)
I love this...def. my new fav thing in my class. I plan to take their pic in the photo booth at Open House with a stache and print their pics then use sticky magnets on the back of each of them. I'm not sure if I'll try to look for something magnetic or just hot glue small magnets for each one under yes and no. I even typed my first QOD...Are you excited about 5th grade?! On the one morning of the week that we don't have fine arts they will write about their answer and why it's a YES or NO and on the other mornings after we do pledges and prayer I'll just randomly call on a student to tell me why they chose yes or no. :)
Here is my mine: 
I'm gonna laminate a piece of blue paper to put the QOD on using STIKKI CLIPS. And it will be ever so cute once their pics are up! 

Click on the first pic of this board to go on over Ashley Reed's classroom! She has 180 questions already ready but included an editable template for typing your own on TPT for only four dollars and...she's a southern gal from the same part of Georgia as I am...and we know some of the same people...and she teaches in a Christian school also! How cool is that?! lower salaried peeps have game too!

Just another pic of this :) 

After I left school today I went to SchoolBox to get some new Stikki clips...they are now $4.99!!! Any of you ever seen these any where else?! Anywhoo...I bought some schtuff well kind of a lot...I'm thinking about ripping down that whole tent and making it a blue sky full of hot air balloons...anyway I saw these two adorable new lines and LOVE them.
Sock Monkey! My fave!!!!
Boho birds...adorable!

 Here's a final pic of what I bought:

Some hot air balloons, border, and the clips :) I'm thinking about putting the big balloon in the center of the wall above the sofa and then each time we read a book as a class write the name of it on the small ones and add it to the wall?! IDK...we shall see. 

 I do know that I've seriously got to start WORK so I'll stop shopping ;) but my how much therapy there is in spending that cash!


  1. I really like the mustache board...turned out great!