Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"I don't care if I go CrAzY!"

Today was 5 more hours in the classroom working on stuff...and talking...and thinking...then talking...and working...then talking! At least that's all it seems like I did...TALK! and I really accomplished little. Wouldn't have accomplished anything without the help of some friends! It's super hard for me to keep my thoughts on one project and it seems like every time I need something I can't find it! 
A lot of the other teachers were coming in to "welcome"  me and see my room today. If I were in their position or roles reversed I'd call it more of connecting out of curiosity a.k.a being nosy. I even had one lady tell me today that she came in yesterday with another teacher and took pictures ;)Compliment Taken. I Guess.
I did manage to complete a chart to hang up for birthday pictures (minus the heading that will say..."Happy Birthday". I plan to take their picture in the photo booth on their birthday or half birthday for those summer babies and then post them until the end of the year.
The borders were separated by a 2 in. straight edged piece of tan scrap book paper. I would have never thought about doing this (Thanks Beck!) but I think this is my favorite thing in my room so far!

I plan to print the heading tonight and hang it tomorrow. I'm also in LOVE with the brown paper...again, thanks Beck for helping me envision this! I'm so thankful for crafty friends! I would have probably gone with orange or red but this is definitely more of the color scheme I want. So far my room isn't very circusy and most people walk in and say...Oh are you doing a Dr. Seuss theme?!
Nope...not quite...though I do love Dr. Seuss. So....I still have a lot of elements to add in order to capture the whole vintage circus feel. I'm going to attempt the a circus tent with red and white tablecloths tomorrow so we shall see ;) Should I try red white and brown?! After getting this together today, I'm really starting to second guess the front wall in my class...It's too RED and I'm wishing that I'd gone maybe brown?! and I'm not as CRAZY about it as I was last year.

Song on the Side: " I don't care if I go crazy...1-2-3-4-5-6-SWITCH!" (Cross legs a different way here)
                           "Crazy go I if care don't I...6-5-4-3-2-1-SWITCH! (Repeat song even faster)

Have you ever heard of this before??!! I am in love with the tune and wish you could hear me singing it because it is seriously stuck in my head! Abby taught me this today while she was going crazy tearing out all of my student's tests. She said it's one of the only fun things she remembers one of her teachers doing and I thought....OH! MY! I'm definitely going to use that crazy little jingle during subject transition time! Not to mention my kiddos always think I'm CRAZY!
 Here's the bright red wall...I still have a few things to post on the wall but I'm thinking I might could back them with brown paper. For example...the alphabet up at the top...I could layer brown paper behind it to bring down the red a bit?!

It'd be a lot of work so I probably won't unless I just can't live with it once posters and such are up on this wall. It doesn't look super bright in this picture but it really is!

I also worked on getting that no-sew pennant banner to stick...boy howdy was that a disaster and waste of time! I hardly look forward to having to take it down. 
Ab's Mom helped by putting this all over the other 3 walls using zots...the walls are freshly painted and I didn't want to push my luch with hot glue...since it's really against the rules! By 12:00 it was falling off just like this :(
 By 2:00 today, I was very thankful that she put it up the first time and I didn't have to do it twice today:) Every little bit helps!
By the end of the day... I whipped out my glue gun and went to town...hopefully it won't be too hard to take down and the paint won' t pull off too bad! It looks super small and much better up close because my walls are pretty tall. Abby nor I knew she was in this pic ;)
 While I worked on the one birthday wall...Abby tore out lots of math tests and reading quizzes!
When she needed a break...she took it out on the rubics (sp?!) cube...she got one whole side to yellow...she really is smarter than your average bear!
 I ended the day at Sam's buying 1 1/2 inch binders for my students. I didn't really get much of a say on the supply list and this is a must have for my students! I figure since open house is next Thursday parents will really appreciate me having already got these rather then them face the back to school crazies the weekend before school starts! I will either ask them to pay me back or pick up a wish list item in place of it for me!
$10.00 for a pack of 4 at Sam's.
Have fun back to schooling!

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