Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Yesterday was a super long and dreaded kind of day and today I'm running on lack of sleep, diet mountain dew, and adrenaline. Tomorrow we have our Meet and Greet so I still have lots of papers to print to be ready for that at 8:30 in the am!!!! Have you ever heard of such?! We start with a breakfast for new parents and then returning parents come in later so here's a quick picture recap of the things that have been revamped and have come along in my classroom

This WELCOME sign has to be the best part about today! I LOVE it!

This is my favorite Uncle who every year makes or buys something for my class...usually both! This year I sent him some pics of some marquee like circus letters and expressed my want for them and why they were needed ;) He used black and red foam board, red poster board, and Christmas lights! He also provided me with some super duper comando hooks for hanging it on the brick wall and here's hoping it's still up tomorrow! I love the way this looks when you walk into my class! It's the first thing you see and I was definitely overexcited about it!
Here's the wonderful creator with a "why do you want to take my picture kind of grin"! Seriously, the most unselfish man I know and I love him much more than he knows!

 Though I'm missing four shelves this doesn't look too bad for now! I'm thankful every thing is OFF DA FLO! The other four shelves that I'm supposed to get will create a box look around the carpet and that is where I'll put my class library bins because they're way too high right now and then I will use these two shelves for games and manipulative stuff. I am in LOVE with the way this center tent and sofa area look right now!
 These are my bags for storing tickets. Again, not the place that I wanted them to go but it works for now! They earn tickets for so...many different things but also loose them each time they have to pull a card. I found these bags last year at Michaels, they are nice and thick and they are also what brought on my inspiration for decorating with a vintage circus theme last year! It works really well in my classroom. Each quarter those who have 30 or more tickets get to go to CARNIVAL (class party!)
 My finished door: "COME ONE COME ALL! Step Right Up and Meet Mrs. Stewart's Circus
Lastly, this would have been my post sweet friend Beck...completely made a new backing for my directors chair and I LOVED it and she came at the best time to pep me up and encourage me...seriously I was *100 kinds of happy* when I saw her and this amazing creation!

Now to get ready for Open House...

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