Friday, July 19, 2013

Fan-stache-tic Fabric!

I attempted to work in my classroom today but pretty much hit a STAND STILL. There's only so much that I can do before I get shelves and cabinetry put in. I straightened up and organized as much as I could. I did have a very lengthy convo with a coworker who gave me the "ins and outs" of the school so to speak. You know every school has those. She was cute, bubbly, and REALLY encouraging on the things I've done in my class already. So far there haven't been many super friendly people so she was a breath of fresh air.

Side Note: If you have a newbie teacher at your school this year...SHE/HE DOES NOT HAVE THE PLAGUE!!! Be warm and welcoming to her and PLEASE show her some kindness. Offer helpful information and do not force your ideas and way of doings on them! We are all created fearfully and wonderfully and have different ways of doing things.


Just some insight into this being the second year in a row that I've readjusted to new schools. I'm so over it and ready to be somewhere for a while. 

It was nice to have someone come in and talk to me for a while. She and I seemed to be kindred spirits just from our short time together today. I know we don't teach to have friends but boy howdy it sure does help to have teaching pals to relate with while at school and friends sure do help bear your load! Praying for some sweet teacher friends this year.

Sweet Abby and I worked pretty diligently last night while watching Pride and Prejudice...a few captivating distractions..Mr.Darcy gets me every time but she sewed pillows...such a talented teen girl she is, while I made a no sew banner using the iron and stitch witchery. I actually used this banner last year but had to make more because my class is so much bigger. We took the banner to school and attempted to hang it up top but since my walls are brick I've got to come up with something to make it stick...sticky tack and hot glue are not options. I'm hoping zots do the trick!
Can't wait to get this into my classroom!
 Having this sofa in my living room has convinced me to do something with this space in my house once school settles down!
Sew much fun!

Late last night we realized we needed the instruction manual and an unbent needle for the sewing machine we borrowed from friends so we made a pit stop for some sugary snacks to keep us up. Can you believe all of this was free?! They wouldn't let us pay because it was closing time!
The Pink and Orange Straws are ADORABLE!
I also joined bloglovin' today at the suggestion of a reader. Not exactly sure how this technology illiterate chicka is going to use it but we shall see and hopefully it will make following blogs easier!

Enjoy your weekend!

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