Thursday, July 18, 2013

Off the Wall Reconstruction!

After Day 4 of being in my classroom, I have 1 wall down and 3 to go! Here are some of the before and afters of how it's coming along:

Before...the white board is not as big as I had hoped for...It's only 12 feet long. Last year mine was 16 ft. But then again....Comparison IS the thief of Joy. looks much better in person and I am very pleased with it! The lighting in my class is TERRIBLE and...I don't have any windows!!!

They just added the shelf and bookbag hooks today...I'm satisfied!
I still have lots of work to do physically and am reminded of the great need for studying my new 5th grade curriculum! I was thankful to have a great helper of the girls from my old church...sounds terrible to say "old" church so let me of the girls from the church my hubby swept me out of at marriage. I am a good wife so I submitted to him and our "new" church but miss this family especially!  
She wasn't ready for this one!
We printed and made hall passes today with clothespins, hot glue and Sahlin Studio's digital scrapbooking elements. They simply say: Hall Pass Mrs. Stewart Fifth Grade. I used the same concept last year and really liked them...the idea was for my germy kiddos not to touch them during the whole bathroom trip but often the janitor would bring them to my class. They held up all year but I chose to remake them for this year...lots of wear and tear and I'm sure GERMS!
Happy Birthday!

We also made these...I found this idea on pinterest and used silly straws last year and though I loved the idea the straws never made it to lunch or home. They ended up crammed into their desks and used as stabbing devices. I'm trying the Jumbo pixie sticks this year. The idea would be for them not to eat the large piece of candy until they get home! That way they actually go home and parents see them! I got 50 of them at Sams for 12 bucks!

Tonight we plan to pull an's so nice to have a helper! #DunkinDonutsherewecome #sewingpillows #nosewpennantbanner


  1. I love the blog design. I also teach fifth grade and love reading about other teachers and classrooms. I searched for the blog on Bloglovin to be able to follow you as you assemble the new room. Have you thought about adding a follow button to help readers follow you?
    Learning in Bliss

    1. Thanks Marcia! I'm still pretty new to blogland but will look into Bloglovin'. I've seen a lot of posts about it. I will also look into a follow button...for me it's just a matter of figuring out how to do it :) Thanks for the suggestions!