Monday, July 29, 2013

Big Top Love

  Today was my first official day of preplanning. We had a whole lotta meetings and were given a whole buncha information. 
I still do not have shelves :( or a roster :( or a computer :( or the promised ipad :( 
I am told it's all coming though. 

I did have a moment of beautiful bliss when I hung the Ikea circus canopy! The sign I made last year even worked out...and my sweet friend Beck was the highlight of my day! When I sent her the pic this was her response "I LOVE IT!!(yes I am yelling) it could not have been more perfect...the exact right size"

and I agree with her, I LOVE IT much more than the other attempt and it was definitely worth the 15 dollars!

I sure needed the encouragement today! 

Here's my canopy....:)

 I also worked on my door today...I think I want to add "Step Right Up and Meet the AMAZING 5th grade Circus" with their names on tickets but I kinda think that's too many words for the door...
 I found these today at Party City...I'm going to try to get my Uncle to make me some and then I'll chalkboard paint them and use them in the photobooth!

 That's it for tonight folks...I'm trying to work on this new schedule thingy and that requires me to go to bed at a normal hour and get up early :)

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  1. "Sweet Friend Beck" here! Just another reinforcement that I really do LOVE the circus tent. Everything will look amazingly put together as soon as you get all the other elements (uh, hello, shelves...)in there! Hang in there, luv ya! :)