Thursday, June 6, 2013

Still Learning and Learning at its best!

This will be my first attempt to load a picture, not that I'm comfortable with the whole blog posting yet but I want to try :) This is from the photobooth in my class and is of one of my former, highly motivated, and awesome students with his sister and mom. We were teaching pals last year until I made the decision to change schools...a decision that I'm still struggling with simply because the group I taught with was so awesome but a decision that I know is best for my family...don't you hate those kinds! Anyway, she is also awesome and I know she won't mind me posting her pic as long as I'm attempting to smart-up on my technology skills. :)

 Silly Stewarts :)

Yay! I posted a pic on blogger! :) Such an awesome feeling after desiring and envying all of you other bloggers for over 3 years!  Thanks Shannon, Ty, and Emma for being my guinea pigs :)

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