Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday Monday...

Is that a Beatles Song?! I'm really not sure and those are the only lyrics I know but that's exactly how I feel right now! I am so...glad to be home and have my feet propped up on Buddy, my electric heater!
Nothing elaborate that we did today except get back into the swing of things!

 We did crack into our "rock candy" after lunch and they literally had to CRACK into those suckers! There was absolutely NOTHING on the skewer but a lot of hardened candy on the top and bottom. Most of the students didn't like it but I had about 5 giggly girls that loved it! I had to make them throw it in the trash!

The pics below are what it looked like after sitting for 3 weeks with the skewers inside. Not sure where we experimentally went wrong but somewhere we did!

Whelp...a bowl of cereal is calling my name so I'm gonna go answer it!

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