Sunday, March 2, 2014

Always one step behind!

I can not believe we are in March already...where has my year gone?! Where did the time go?!
February wasn't much of anything in these central Georgia schools except for one snow break after another topped with a week of Mid Winter Break! Which, don't get me wrong, I loved the days off but we pretty much accomplished nothing and my kiddos have been super hard to refocus. It seems they learn something and then go a week without learning anything so it's harder than ever to keep their attention!

Because I'm always one step behind, I'll recap my February with 5 photo collages...(I'm so excited to have actually taken the time to download a collage app and play around with it on my yes, I will be posting 5 collage pics!)

1. The first thing we finished up in February was our "Kindred Spirits" Bible study on friendship for the fifth grade girls. The idea came because of all the girl drama that I've noticed this year. The other fifth grade teachers agreed that lessons on friendship could help teach our girls how to get along with others. I had just finished reading the first book in the "Anne of Green Gables" series around Christmas time and got the DVD's at Barnes and Noble on a giftcard that one of my students gave me! (Would that we had time to read them the!my!my!...they are so...good!)  We ended up showing the first DVD in two parts on a couple of Friday afternoons. Each time we met, we had a short devotional on friendship. The girls got to bring in a pillow and change into jammies! We had some winter themed refreshments and gave all the girls a bookmark at the conclusion of our meetings. It had a quote from the book on one side..."Kindred Spirits are not as scarce as I used to think. It's splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world." and the other side had a Bible verse.


2. In this same week we concluded and tested on RoCkS! One of our coworkers embroiders and she made these adorable shirts for our team! They were only 12 bucks and that included a custom design and the price of the t-shirt! I love the cutesy rock graphic but... it does happen to land on my left unmentionable! Something I didn't notice until looking at photos! The bottom left pic was an intentional photo bomb by two fifth graders while at recess.

3. We worked on verbs and tenses and mangaged to get a little "Love.Is.Tense." activity in and posted in the hallway for the love month. Unfortunately, it is the ONLY heartsy valentinesy thing that I did during February. I'm blaming upper elementary and the fact that we were out most of this month! I gave them 5 heart die cut- outs and they had to write a heart linked letter to someone expressing their love for them in past, present, and future tense. My example is in the let me explain the past tense heart... I did realize I loved Michael after I broke up with him. I guess when they say you never realize what you have until it's gone, they mean it! The bottom left was a boy student who chose his Mom! It was a precious one to read! The one on the bottom right chose her best friend and I loved her spin on it!

4. We celebrated V-Day on Valentine's Day! We missed nearly the whole week but surprisingly went to school the Friday of our parties...which no one expected! My plans were to have a Berry Special Valentine's Mustache Bash...we kind of did but had very little time due to missing so much of that week! I found these bright colored mustache valentines online...sorry, I can not remember who I downloaded these from because I was so last minute printing them! I made a run to Walmart at 6:00 that night for just about everything as I didn't think we'd be at school. I had wanted to make cute fruit labels like...I'm Bananas for you! You're berry special! You're such a cutie! Etc...that.didn't. happen. Thankfully the sweet teen girl that I've been using as my class baker was still able to make and bring in the very tasty mustache cake!
The cute little fella to the right is one of my staff kiddos! He's a goof ball but one of the sweetest ever! His mom is also an avid blog reader and Pre-K teacher at our school! Shout-Outs to you two Widby's!

5. Last but certainly not least....My hubs took me to the Circus for Valentines!We had an Amazing Night at the Greatest Show on Earth! He did buy me the precious stuffed elephants but all 32 of the clown noses were free from the pre-show! They will definitely be gifts for my students at some point before our 5th Grade Circus ends this year! Oh, and for those of you who are wondering...the gift I got my hubs for V-Day....was a "mag"...a man-bag...and a very nice one that he has been using a lot lately! I knew he'd love it when he realized his need for one :)

That's really all of the exciting parts of my February. There was very little Black History emphasis and absolutely NO President's Day emphasis...but March is a new month! go find my Cat in the Hat shirt and catch some shut eye! 
Night or rather..Mornin'!

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