Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Personal Hammy Donuts!

Today was PERSONAL...
We began drafting our personal narratives. Usually a writing piece takes me 2 weeks...unfortuantely we don't have two weeks for this one so I'm *hoping* to get them completed in a week...wish me luck. We have achievement tests coming up and the big dreaded research paper that I seriously need to start in my class soon! I don't know why I'm so intimidated by this paper but I am.
I have several other personal narratives that I'd like them to write before the year is over so for this to be our first one I'm stressing. This one has to be on a time that they got hurt. It could be their feelings, pride, or bodies that were hurt. I gave an example of a time that I had a bike wreck.
Writing is a lot of work and so class time today got personal when they started their first draft and raised their hand like 5 minutes later for me to read over it before they had even read over them...yep. They didnt' take it serious enough. I wasn't happy.
Writing takes a lot of patience but it is one of my most favorite things to work on and see their improvements in!

 Today was Hammy...
After we reviewed for our test on dinosaurs today, we watched a Ken Ham video on dinosaurs from a creationists perspective. This was super exciting for me because it's so hard to find materials from a creationists view. The link is below that should take you to his website, Answers in Genesis, and to the videos on dinosaurs. .
Seriously, if you've never heard Ken Ham speak GO TO THAT LINK RIGHT NOW. Just his accent is worth listening to for a few minutes.  For those of you who teach in a public school and have to use that nasty evolution word, remember that you can teach it as JUST a theory. You do have that right.
We recently had a missionary come to our church who goes into public schools doing a Bible club ministry. He had loads of information on religious rights in a public school. Believe it or not, you do have them as a teacher and as a student in a public school. He gave out a lot of informative information. The flyer below is printed by the National PTA First Amendment Center. The government use to print them but chooses to print much more important info with the funds that they have...cough cough.
If you'd like a copy of this flyer, let me know and I'll be more than happy to send you one!

 Today was DONUTS!

This made me 10 different shades of happy...especially when I opened the box. One of my precious girls gave me a Dunkin Donuts gift card back at Christmas. I kept telling myself to save it for a special day and use it at school. Fortunately for me, I pass a D&D to and from work and today I was tempted more than ever to stop because the hubs and I are on this "NO SPENDY ANY MONEY" until after taxes! So, of course...I really wanted to spend money... I was thankful for this giftcard and the colorful array of yummy donuts!
Happiness is a box of donuts from D&D
I have already eaten 3! One of them didn't make it in the door! Don't judge me!

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