Wednesday, March 5, 2014

That's a fact, Jack!

This school year our school has had a third grade girl battle and beat cancer, a high school girl who continues to fight cancer, and now a middle schooler diagnosed and is battling cancer. All 3 departments of the school have been affected and our staff is overcome by it.
  The middle schooler hits much closer to home for me because his younger brother is in my class. I also have a 6th grade nephew the same age as him but can't even begin to imagine! My hubby and I visited the hospital tonight to see him and my heart just breaks for him, his precious mom and dad, and his most special brother.
We took him a Duck Dynasty devotional that our class signed and a sign that says, "We're praying for you and that's a fact, Jack!" Along with a bunch of cards...some of which I censored and secretly threw away! :)
He's only starting his journey but my heart is overwhelmed. Tonight I just want to say: Love on your students, smile at them, use kind and gentle words towards them, and hug them when you can! You never know when your year with them will be cut short!

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