Monday, March 17, 2014

Random Recaps

Oh yeaah...dis' gur got back in hurr groove today! 
Everything from today was graded and in before I left today at...wait for it...wait for it...3:40!!! 
 I do have to thank my sweet and usually very selfish cousin for some of that...she helped me some Friday afternoon/evening and at least helped me keep my focus so I didn't have ANYTHING coming home to work on over the weekend!  Thanks Toe! 

Today I managed to go leave school, go grocery shopping, and cook dinner all by 7:00! Bam..What?!This definitely made me feel like Superwoman!

Today was a much better Monday than last week and here's hoping NOT to have 3 p-t conferences this week.

Random Recaps...

A sweet kiddo brought this to me and started my day off with lots of sweetness!

While I was busy grading away on Friday, I found this note from one of my girls on the bottom of her spelling test...needless to say last week when I found out that my in-laws were spending the class found out too! They knew I was stressing about getting home to clean!  This girl's notes always crack me up but this one made me LOL!

Since we wrapped up our unit on Dinosaurs, we wore our "5th Grade is Dino-Mite!" shirts.  It's hard to see how absolutely adorable the shirts are because of the sun but this one is my fave!!! Oh, and we're doing a dino-roar!

Happy Monday Everyone!

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