Thursday, March 27, 2014

What Works Wed. and Throwback Thursday!

What works Wednesday?!
 Comrades, Confidants, Supporters, Colleagues, Cohorts, friends, Sympathizers, Classy teaching pals! 
Nottttt to be confused with competitors, foes, opponents, archenemies, antagonists, rivals,....

This Wednesday our wild hallway of fifth and sixth grade teachers went out to lunch! We did not talk about any of our students......ok maybe a teensy weensy bit.......but rather we celebrated each others teachery life and 3 birfdays! Trust me, after the week some of my coworkers have had...we needed it! We had a great time and don't get to do it near enough!  It works. It really does but you have to avail yourself to your coworkers. If you have an "I'm way better than you" "You don't know anything about education" "I graduated from yadayadayada school" then it won't work. You have to be ready and willing to share your life with the others you work with! It works wayyy better than trying to get school advice from your hubs sometimes. We were all super tired and several of us more spiritual Christians still had church to attend that night but we made it happen!
The two tired ladies in the back have seen better days! <3  you Mrs. Joiner! 

Throw Back Thursday! 
Here's me and the first group of wonderful teaching pals I ever had! Sure do love and miss them!

Me in my skinny looking good days, Mrs. Becky (who inspired my blog name without knowing), and Mrs. Cynthia!

I promise that I have been teaching the last couple of weeks! I plan to post this weekend about what we've been up to!

 Happy Thursday!


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  1. Next time I promise to open my eyes:) I can't wait to do it again!