Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday Rage & Seussy Craze

Oh my! I usually LOVE Mondays but boy howdy has this one been a MEAN, NASTY, GREEN, booger!
It started off bad when I didn't finish getting everything graded from last week to be sent home in folders today. I got to school feeling like a slacker. I was so tired last night after a busy weekend with youth group meetings, church meetings, and not to mention having my in-laws and sis-in-law spend the weekend with, yes the time ever...I was ready to "paint the whole front of the house" -said by my hubby but we really enjoyed our time with them greatly! I felt really growny when we offered them our bed and slept on the futon! It ended up a busy but super fun weekend!

Forgetting about the nastiest, greenest, meanest boogery of day...the worst day I've had all year, I'm rewinding to last week:
I emphasized a different Dr. Seuss book in my class each day during our reading time. Monday I read The Cat in the Hat. Pretty much all we did was discuss Dr. Seuss' writing style (rhyming and repetition) and the fact that this book was his most well known. Tuesday we read Yertle the Turtle. We discussed how he wrote with themes and morals. It was my favorite from the week. Not only because, it's one of my most favorite read alouds but I was able to make it relevant to what we were studying in History. Wednesday we read Oh Say, Can You Say and simply talked about tongue twisters being a writing style of Seuss. Thursday we read Horton Hears a Who and again emphasized morals/themes. Then Friday we read If I Ran the Circus and we discussed writing with nonsensical words.

Thankfully, my door has been covered for the last several months. We have been learning about adjectives and adverbs so the cute cut-outs surrounding the door each have a sentence that describes something about them.

I wasn't able to fit in a lot of craftivity stuff but this little guy inspired me greatly! I found him on pinterest and we did something similar. The picture below links to a TPT store where you can download the pattern and lots of other great patterns. I eyeballed and did something similar that worked better for me but was definitely inspired by this adorable teacher's creation.

Here's a pic of what we did:

I made a Venn diagram of Hitler vs. Yertle and we compared and contrasted them. I really liked the Venn and hopefully very soon, I will take the time to figure out how to upload a freebie to the blog.. so that you wonderful upper el-ed teachers might can use this during Seuss week! I tried Scribd but it was kind of confusing. Would the best thing be to just upload it to TPT and open a seller account?!  We also wrote a sentence about the lesson we learned and a paragraph on how the dictators we have studied were Strong leaders but Wrong leaders.

 Lastly, this isn't my favorite pic...but one of the most exciting parts about my week was getting to wear a Seuss shirt each day. I forgot to take some selfies during the week so my hubs took this before work Wednesday. Wednesday is our chapel day and we have to wear a blue school polo...I made it work though :)